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Your Anime Subscription Box: How To Vote For The Anime You Love

This month’s theme is… Whatever makes you the happiest!

Do you know what makes my anime boxes so unique?

It’s you! All of you!

Unlike what happens with some other anime subscription boxes, I listen to my fellow otakus' opinions when curating and preparing anime merchandise. I want to send anime merch items that you truly love!

That’s why at The Otaku Box, I chose to have a voting system that lets subscribers choose the anime they want most.

If you’re new or still considering whether to subscribe, this post will give you all the deets!

This Is What You Receive In Your Anime Boxes

All the anime merchandise sent in February's anime box from the Otaku Box
February 2023 Anime Box - The Otaku Box

Before you learn HOW to vote, you should know WHAT you’re voting for.

Every anime subscription box from The Otaku Box has at least five items, including a 16×24” wall scroll, a mini figure, a waifu card, and two or three other items often designed exclusively for subscribers.

The total and type of items in the anime boxes may also vary according to subscribers’ preferences.

Subscribers can replace mini-figures with 1:9 scale anime figures designed after a beautiful waifu, add an exclusive T-shirt, and choose between getting items that are safe for the general audience or an ecchi box.

In the case of ecchi, the art in some items shows uncensored anime oppais!

The subscription period also impacts how many items are in an anime box. Once subscribers reach their third, sixth, and twelfth boxes, they get extra items, and after the 12th month, subscribers receive VIP bonus merch in every box.

Best of all? All that content is affected by your vote!

Instead of defining a theme each month, I choose and make anime merch based on the most-voted titles and characters!

How The Otaku Box’s Vote System Works

First screen seen on The Otaku Box' vote area
Vote Form: opening screen - The Otaku Box

My subscribers’ opinions really matter! That’s why I came up with a voting system. Here’s how it works:

After registration, subscribers are emailed the link to the vote webpage. This webpage is updated every month with two T-shirt designs and two wall scroll suggestions to choose from. Subscribers are also asked to select up to 12 anime titles and waifus they’d like to see in their boxes to inspire new anime figures!

I start preparing the upcoming boxes and planning new anime merch only after the voting period ends on the 7th of each month.

That means even I don’t know which art or shows will be in the box before that. So much fun!

Learning the Results

First Leading Update for October's anime T-shirt from The Otaku Box
First Leading Update for October's anime T-shirt - The Otaku Box

Knowing all the results in advance would spoil the fun! So the only way to know what’s in the box is to open it upon arrival at your door.

If you want to know what anime made it to previous boxes, check one of the SFW items listed on the blog.

I start shipping boxes on the 24th of the month, following these dates:

  • Boxes billed from the 1st - 7th are shipped on the 24th of the month.
  • Boxes billed from the 8th - 22nd are shipped on the 28th of the month.
  • Boxes billed from the 23rd - end of the month - are shipped on the 4th of next month.

Recently, with so many otakus joining and interacting with each other in the Otaku Community, the voting results of the wall scrolls and t-shirt designs have been released there!

Ready To Vote for Your Waifus?

Now that you know how The Otaku Box’s vote system works and how important everyone’s opinions are don’t forget to vote for your waifus every month so they may make it into future boxes!

What are the best merch items from the otaku box? What would you like me to bring to future boxes?

I love it when you share your thoughts with me through my online forum — the Otaku Community.

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