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Three Epic Anime Figures want to show you their boobs!

The future of waifu scale figures is ecchi!!!

Close-up Fanart of Rias Gremory in maid dress

Yay! I’m so excited!

I always offer sexy anime merchandise of the waifus my subscribers love most, according to their votes. Hence, I often have a new NSFW version for ecchi lovers in their anime box.

However, I took it one step further this year and released my first waifu figures with removable tops! If you love anime boobs, you must see all three.

Have You Ever Heard Of Cast-Off Anime Figures?

I know, I know… you are hungry for waifu oppais, aren’t you?

But first, allow me to explain what cast-off figures are real quick.

First, anime figures aren’t all the same. For instance, a prize and scale figure may look very similar initially, but the difference in quality and price can be huge. There’s more about them in this post.

One type of anime figure is the one with removable clothes. That means parts of their outfits, or all of it, can be taken off, showing the character in the nude! This way, according to their mood, the owner can have an innocent decoration piece or a kinky waifu statuette.

At The Otaku Box, they are 1:9 scale figures with this ecchi twist: they have removable tops to reveal your waifu’s boobs! They are aimed at 18+ otakus ONLY!

Now that you know what figure type to look for when you feel like having sexy merchandise of your waifu, let’s take a look at my three waifu figures with removable tops!

The Healing Maid

Sexy Rem-inspired anime figure sent in March 2023 anime box
Healing Maid 1:9 Scale Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

This is the anime figure that started it all! From Re:Zero, Rem is depicted in a beautiful white kimono, showing off her exquisite oppais. Her reception was somewhat controversial, but jaws dropped everywhere when the front part of her kimono went out!

The Healing Maid was first sent in March 2023’s anime boxes, and now new subscribers can get this Rem figure for free when they join!

The Drinking Mage

Sexy Cana-inspired anime figure sent in October 2023 anime box
Drinking Mage 1:9 Scale Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

The second one, sent in October’s anime box, is Cana Alberona from Fairy Tail! It’s captivating to see how happy Cana is holding her booze! She doesn’t even mind her top slipping and exposing her huge oppais!

And lastly...

The Devilish Maid!

Sexy Rias-inspired anime figure sent in November 2023 anime box
Devilish Maid 1:9 Scale Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

My next addition just had to be a sexy Rias Gremory anime figure! She is a character that I and many among The Otaku Box subscribers love so much, and the tiny maid outfit looks perfect! Who wouldn’t sign a contract with such a gorgeous, devilish maid?

Oh, and if you love Rias as much as I do, there are high-resolution wallpapers you can download for free at the Otaku Community, my online forum.

Even More Anime Boobs In The Making

This is only the beginning!

I will bring even more sexy anime figures like these, so get ready to see and touch more anime boobs with your own hands.

Who would you like to be the next waifu to show her boobs? Remember, as a subscriber, you can vote on your favorite characters and anime to customize your anime box.

If you haven’t subscribed, there’s still time to join the crew and treat yourself to new anime figures. I’ll be glad to answer your questions and help you out.

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