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The Thickest Anime Thighs (Overlord, High School DxD and More!)

If you love seeing a nice pair of anime thighs, you’ll love this!

Marin’s thighs from My Dress Up Darling
My Dress-Up Darling Episode 11|| Credits:

Anime boobs and butts get a lot of attention, which makes sense – as they’re both awesome! But a good pair of thighs can be just as great. And in some cases, maybe even better.

So, I set aside a few hours to go through my favorite ecchi shows to find the best thighs anime has to offer. I’m sure you’ll enjoy my selection if you love anime thighs.

Let’s get into it!

Albedo - Overlord IV (MAL Score: 8.08)

Albedo from Overlord bending over
Overlord Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: Overlord wiki

Albedo was hand-crafted to be the perfect ecchi waifu if you ask me! That’s because she usually wears an exquisite long dress that still manages to show off the significant bits – her boobs and thighs.

So, even when she’s not letting her emotions run wild over Ainz, thigh lovers get to see a nice slice of Albedo without her having to go full NSFW. It makes you wish that more anime waifus had a similar philosophy regarding their outfits.

Aqua - KonoSuba (MAL Score: 8.10)

Aqua from Konosuba sitting cross-legged with her thighs visible
Konosuba Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

There are two things you can’t deny about Aqua: 1. She’s useless, and 2. Her thighs are some of the best in anime!

And I’m pretty sure she knows it. After all, she’s hardly ever seen wearing anything but her iconic short skirt, which leaves very little to the imagination. So, butt and thigh lovers tend to love Aqua!

Maybe that’s why Kazuma couldn’t concentrate on picking a power in the first episode. Honestly, could you focus if that was what you saw the entire time?

C.C. - Code Geass (MAL Score: 8.70)

C.C. from Code Geass sitting on the ground in a white uniform
Code Geass|| Credits: Code Geass Wiki

It's a tough call whenever I have to choose between C.C. and Kallen. However, I think C.C. takes the win in this round for one reason – her suit! While it’s not revealing, you can see the curves of her thighs, which makes them that much better.

And while all the ladies in Code Geass have very nice legs, C.C. does stand out a bit—especially when she’s sitting back like this!

Shion - That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (MAL Score: 8.14)

Shion from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime being held in the air by tentacles
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime OAD Episode 2|| Credits:

While I wouldn’t blame you for noticing Shion’s boobs before anything else in this picture, her thunder thighs are just as impressive!

And she really puts them to work when in battle, dodging around the battlefield and jumping high into the air to land a powerful strike. So, they’re not just for show.

That noted, no anime waifu has ever escaped a tentacle attack – at least, not without giving otakus some nice fanservice first.

Esdeath – Akame ga Kill! (MAL Score 7.47)

Esdeath from Akame ga Kill sitting on the bed
Akame ga Kill! Episode 10|| Credits:

Who doesn’t like a waifu in uniform? Since Esdeath rocks high-heel boots that she uses to subdue her enemies, I’m sure many otakus love her outfit!

However, when she’s out of uniform, it’s even better. She looks less intimidating and more comfy, and her thighs get some room to breathe. She can still win most fights, but you must admit that she seems like proper waifu material.

Nezuko – Demon Slayer (MAL Score: 8.48)

Nezuko from Demon Slayer standing in smoke with her right leg out
Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc Episode 7|| Credits:

90% of the time, Nezuko is the cutest part of Demon Slayer. However, when she powers up, her strength isn’t the only thing that receives a boost. Even her thighs become massive!

And it makes sense, as Nezuko kicks her way out of most situations in this form. I also love the tattoos that go along her arms, boobs, and thighs because they make her look even more fierce.

Plus, a waifu in a kimono is always going to look good.

Tatsumaki – One Punch Man (MAL Score: 8.50)

Tatsumaki from One Punch Man yelling with her skirt fluttering in the wind
One Punch Man Episode 10|| Credits:

The only thing feistier than Tatsumaki’s temper is her thighs! And, luckily for otakus everywhere, she’s not shy about showing them off.

Tatsumaki almost exclusively wears a black one-piece dress that breaks off at the hip, allowing the world to marvel at her legs and thighs! Not to mention that she also tends to fly around the city.

So, when you go to check whether it’s a bird or a plane, you might be in for a beautiful surprise!

Hinata – Naruto: Shippuden (MAL Score: 8.27)

Hinata from Naruto Shippuden in a red dress, bending over
Naruto: Shippuden episode 271

In the original series, Hinata mostly hid her stunning figure, and even her ninja getup got in the way through most of Shippuden. But then, in a single scene, she won the hearts of countless otakus!

Sporting a never-before-seen red dress, Hinata crouches down to check on Shino, showcasing both her boobs and thighs simultaneously. And the combination of her usual adorable face, the elegant dress, and her curves was a winner.

Rias Gremory – Highschool DxD (MAL Score: 7.33)

Rias from High School DxD sitting down with her legs crossed and thighs visible
Highschool DxD opening|| Credits:

Of course, how can I talk about the best anime thighs without mentioning the ultimate demon waifu – Rias?

While every scene where Rias is sitting, standing, or doing virtually anything showcases her figure, the intro sequence is perhaps her best showcase.

With the credits popping up, the creepy red sky in the background, and the music blasting, her thighs look even better than usual. But with her love of short dresses, I am sure you’ll be able to find a lot more examples by watching the show.

Hold on tight!

If you still feel like browsing anime thighs or want to discuss which waifu would make for the best thigh head pillow, the fun doesn’t have to stop here!

If you join the Otaku Community, you can discuss anything and everything related to waifu, from the best thighs to the best pair of stockings. So, head over there and see what other otakus have to say.

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