6 Rias Gremory Eyecatch Pics to Enlighten Your Week! — Weekly Dose of DxD

Rias can’t show any more skin than that without going NSFW!

Rias as seen in High School DxD BorN. Eyecatch art
High School DxD, Season 3, Episode 12 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

In every episode of High School DxD, viewers are gifted with two naughty pictures of the gorgeous female characters from the anime in minimal or no clothes: The Eyecatches!

Those enticing pictures are indeed satisfying to see for ecchi lovers. I bet many don’t even mind the commercial break, anticipating the next waifu feature and what sexy pose she’ll be making.

I want to fill your week with Rias Gremory's sexy pictures, and this blog post is free from ads. Enjoy!

High School DxD - Episode 01

Eyecatch from the first episode of High School DxD series
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

In the High School DxD series, only the waifus are seen in the eyecatches (sorry, ladies, there are no sexy pics of Issei or Yuuto). And the picture displayed before the commercial break is often more modest (from an ecchi perspective) than the second one!

The very first episode features none other than our princess, Rias Gremory. The first image shows her in school uniform, and THIS is what we get to announce that the show is back!

An auspicious beginning, I’d say.

High School DxD - Episode 08

Eyecatch from High School DxD Season 1, featuring Rias Gremory in white lingerie set
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 8 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

This white lingerie set makes my sweet Rias Gremory look so pure and fragile! It’s perfect and one of my favorites; although pure and delicate is the complete opposite of her personality.

What color do you think suits Rias best? Let me know by commenting on my socials and The Otaku Community.

High School DxD - Episode 12

Eyecatch from High School DxD season finale
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 12 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Remember I mentioned that the second Eyecatch from each episode shows the girls with fewer clothes than the first one?

This picture is the first eye-catch from High School DxD Season finale, not considering the OVA episodes. From that, I bet you can figure out how Rias looks after the commercial break, right?

High School DxD New - Episode 01

Eyecatch picture featuring Rias in school uniform
High School DxD, Season 2, Episode 1 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

High School DxD New is the series' second season, and Rias is the first waifu to be seen in this eyecatch image!

She still wears her school uniform but mischievously shows off her assets to the audience.

HighSchool DxD HERO - Episode 01

Rias wearing bikini in an eyecatch
High School DxD, Season 4, Episode 1 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

It’s a shame I can’t show you Rias’s eyecatch moment from season 3, High School DxD BorN, because she isn’t properly dressed (not dressed at all!) in that one.

So, let’s skip to the first episode (that could also be called Episode 0) of season four!

Seeing how the art style changed was shocking, but Rias is still gorgeous. And this image featuring her in a bikini emphasizing her oppais makes for perfect desktop wallpaper.

Oh, and if you are interested in exclusive desktop and mobile wallpapers of Rias Gremory, I have a surprise for you at my online forum. And it’s free!

HighSchool DxD HERO - Episode 12

Summer-themed Eyecatch featuring Rias Gremory
High School DxD, Season 4, Episode 12 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Finally, in the last episode of the fourth season, the anime brings back Rias in a summer theme picture. This time, she's taking a selfie, and her large oppais are about to slip from her strapless bikini! What secrets does the second eyecatch hold?

Thirsty For More?

For now, I can only hope High School DxD season 5 becomes real, so I can finally see more eyecatches and naughty scenes starring the Ruin Princess!

Would you like to see her more often with less clothes too? Have you ever considered getting yourself a couple of Rias Gremory scale figures? Check this post for a couple of suggestions I’m sure you’ll be more than pleased to have at home!

Images from High School DxD Wiki

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