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Five Rias Gremory Fanarts in Maid Dress To Enjoy By Yourself — Weekly Dose of DxD

This dirty devil princess says she will clean your home!

Close-up Fanart of Rias Gremory in maid dress
Maid Rias Gremory Fanart - The Otaku Box

You’re going home after a long day, and everything seems dull. But once you step into your house, you’re greeted by a special visitor: Rias Gremory!

When did you summon such a beautiful devil? It doesn’t matter. Rias is right before you, offering to clean up your place in the smallest maid dress ever!

Although it’s impossible to achieve that in real life, I prepared a set of fan art of Rias Gremory in the cutest maid attire for your delight.

So sit back and enjoy, and don’t forget to download the high-resolution version of each image once you’re done!

"What Can I Do For You?"

Rias Gremory in a made dress standing by the kitchen
Maid Rias Gremory Fanart - The Otaku Box

In this beautiful Rias picture, you’ve just surprised her while she was lost in thought. What could be making her blush like that?

While she is happy to do whatever you ask, after seeing how her boobs are stretching the fabric, I would’ve forgotten what I wanted to discuss with her. Those buttons can barely hold them together!

"I'll Lend You My Lap."

Rias Gremory sitting on a gorgeous couch in a maid outfit
Maid Rias Gremory Fanart - The Otaku Box

Rias looks slightly worried in this artwork. She worries about how tired you are after a long workday and will comfort you in any way possible!

Feel free to rest your head on Rias Gremory's thighs and smell her perfume while she caresses your head and listens to you. Housework can wait.

"How Do You Like My New Uniform?"

Rias Gremory in lighter clothes sitting provocatively
Maid Rias Gremory Fanart - The Otaku Box

The Traditional maid outfit is adorable, but the day is hot outside. So Rias decided to wear lighter clothes, even if she might accidentally show more skin than expected while cleaning your house!

She is showing off her new dress and is asking you to pay close attention to every detail in this fanart. Isn’t she just the perfect waifu?

"Am I doing a Good Job?"

Rias Gremory in an inviting maid dress
Maid Rias Gremory Fanart - The Otaku Box

No matter how small a dress is, it can hinder your movements. So Rias decided to take off hers while dusting off the room! Talk about a hardworking maid.

Make sure to compliment her, and she will undoubtedly want to spend more time with you once she’s done cleaning.

"Ask Anything, Master!"

Rias Gremory sitting down and ready to answer anything
Maid Rias Gremory Fanart - The Otaku Box

Rias Gremory is an intelligent and strong female character. The way she is sitting, showing off those big oppais and playing with her hair feels as if she’s teasing you.

If Rias were to tell you she finished all her chores and is waiting for your next instructions, what would you ask her to do? Choose wisely!

How to Download These Rias Gremory Pictures

How do you like this fanart set?

I made these images because I know how much The Otaku Box subscribers and I love Rias Gremory. These and other stunning pictures are free for anyone who wants to see hot Rias artwork!

All you have to do is Join my Otaku Community and grab all high-resolution images available there. Take your time to talk to other fellow otakus and see the fantastic art of other waifus they share, too.

And if you want more artwork of Rias Gremory in sexy outfits, stay tuned for future blog posts. Rias will be in even sexier poses next week!

Images from The Otaku Box's Archive

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