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Free Demon Rias Scale Figure Only Comes With Anime Box Subscription

My Top Six Favorite Rias Gremory Anime Figures And How To Get Them — Weekly Dose of DxD

Rias Gremory looks stunning no matter how you look at her!

1:12 Scale Rias Gremory inspired anime Figures by The Otaku Box
Exclusive Rias anime figures — The Otaku Box

I love anime scale figures! They are one of my favorite anime merchandise.

And above anime figures, there’s my love for my princess, Rias Gremory, from High School DxD. Can you imagine how excited I get whenever Rias gets chosen by The Otaku Box subscribers to get a new figure?

Here are my favorites among all the sweet and sexy Rias Figures I created exclusively for The Otaku Box Subscribers.

Demon Rias

1:12 scale Rias Gremory inspired anime figure in a standing position, spotting a cute demon tail and wings
1:12 Demon Rias Anime Figure — The Otaku Box

This 1:12 Scale anime figure holds a special place in my heart! It was one of the first figures of The Otaku Box. Rias’s top can barely cover her colossal oppais, and she’s got such a cute demon tail.

Blushing Rias

1:12 scale blushing Rias Gremory inspired anime figure in a kneeling pose — sent to The Otaku Box subscribers
1:12 Blushing Rias Anime Figure — The Otaku Box

I find this Rias Gremory figure incredibly sexy because she’s blushing, and it’s simply adorable!

I love, love how the gold suits her, and the kneeling pose emphasizes the golden details on her shoes, stockings, and gloves. It all draws attention to the right parts!

This figure was part of December 2021's anime box. I was super excited when I saw she had won the vote.

Bride Rias

1:12 scale Rias Gremory inspired anime bride figure sent to The Otaku Box subscribers
1:12 Bride Rias Anime Figure — The Otaku Box

Marrying the crimson-haired Ruin Princess is the dream of thousands.While finding the real Rias Gremory is more challenging, I'm happy I could give my subscribers a taste of the perfect wedding.

Rias's minimal wedding dress is already suitable for the honeymoon. So you can save time after the reception. 😅

Lingerie Rias

Free 1:12 scale Rias Gremory-inspired anime figure available for new Otaku Box subscribers
1:12 Lingerie Rias Anime Figure — The Otaku Box

This one is different from other Rias Gremory figures. Rias is wearing a lovely maid bodysuit that enhances her assets while staring at you in a sitting-on-knees pose!

This anime figure can be sent FOR FREE to every new subscriber. Just choose which free figure you’d like to receive in your first anime box!

Royal Rias

1:12 scale Rias Gremory inspired anime figure in a sitting position and legs high — sent to The Otaku Box subscribers
1:12 Royal Rias Anime Figure — The Otaku Box

The sadistic and dominant energy is strong with this Rias Gremory anime figure!My top one so far.

I envision a whip on her hand to punish all the naughty boys. Her bat-like wings seem ready to wrap loyal subjects and never let go.

How To Have Your Own Rias Anime Figure

At the Otaku Box, I want my subscribers to enjoy every item they get in their anime boxes. So, anime scale figures are made after subscribers vote for their favorite female characters and are available only for a limited time.

However, even if you subscribed after the figures above or other exclusives, there’s still hope!

Contact me at to know which anime figures are still in stock for purchase.

For My Subscribers With Love!

The anime figures in this list and others are only possible because of your vote, and I’m incredibly grateful to you all.

Remember to keep voting for your waifus and favorite anime every month. So I can bring more pleasant anime merch to you in every anime box.

If you're new to anime figures, I wrote the perfect post for you to learn more about different types. Also, check out this fantastic post to see various ways to display your collection!

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