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All The Anime Merch Items in the August 2023 Box (SFW Only)!

Virtually all of last month’s anime box items were designed exclusively for my subscribers!

All items from August 2023 anime box - The Otaku Box
August 2023 Anime Merchandise - The Otaku Box

Time sure flies, and the Christmas season is approaching! What would you like Santa Claus to get you?

If you love anime merchandise, you can receive new creative and useful goods year-round with an anime box subscription. This post reveals everything the Otaku Box subscribers received in August 2023!

What's In The Box?

Before you see all the wonderful items I prepared with so much love for my subscribers, it’s important to know that every subscription has particularities. And the content in each box varies according to subscriber preferences!

Mini Figure: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Set of Mini-figures featuring Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley in different plugsuits and Mari Makinami
Mini Figure: Neon Genesis Evangelion - The Otaku Box

In the August anime box, subscribers who opt to receive mini figures got one of these adorable chibi versions of Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley, and Mari Makinami in various plugsuits from the Rebuild of Evangelion film series!

Otaku Fitness Phone Armband (Exclusive Item!)

The Otaku Box's exclusive armband sent in August's anime boxes
Otaku Fitness Phone Armband - The Otaku Box

I sent everyone an exclusive phone armband to ensure otakus who lead an active lifestyle can listen to the best anime OST during their workout.

This armband has an extra pocket to keep keys, membership cards, or anything else they like to have at hand during their One Punch Man workout routine!

Anya Bookmark (Exclusive Item!)

The Otaku Box's exclusive bookmark sent in August's anime boxes
Anya Bookmark - The Otaku Box

I sent little Anya Forger on a mission to help my subscribers never miss important pages again — whether they are reading a light novel, a manga, or any other books.

The bookmark is light and discreet, like something used by the sneakiest and most talented spies. But I assure you the marked page will stand out for everyone to see and wish they had one!

If you’re looking for new ecchi manga to read, check out my exclusive collection.

Revy Bottle Opener (Exclusive Item!)

Bottle Opener with exclusive art by The Otaku Box sent in August's anime boxes
Revy Bottle Opener - The Otaku Box

If you can’t beat her, join her!

Black Lagoon’s Revy has such a high tolerance for alcohol that only a few are a match when it comes to drinking. But that doesn’t mean my fellow otakus can’t enjoy a refreshing drink.

I prepared this bottle opener exclusively for the Otaku Box’s subscribers. It can be easily carried everywhere and takes the beautiful face of Revy.

Wall Scroll: Jibril

Art for the wall scroll sent in August's anime boxes featuring Jibril
Art for the Waifu Wall Scroll - The Otaku Box

My otakus voted, and the waifu that made it to the wall scroll in August’s anime box was Jibril from No Game No Life!

She looks incredibly gorgeous in this art! The light enhances her angelic beauty, and the colors make her pop out, almost like walking out of the frame. The hardest part is deciding whether to hang the scroll somewhere or carry it around to contemplate this waifu all day long.

Subscribers who opted to receive ecchi loot got the NSFW version of this wall scroll.

T-Shirt: Mio (Exclusive Item!)

Mio - The Otaku Box
"Mio" - The Otaku Box

Another excellent choice by the Otaku Box’s subscribers!

From the two designs I put to vote every month, they chose to make this stunning art of Mio Naruse from The Testament of Sister New Devil as the star of the new t-shirts. I especially love how gracefully Mio’s hair falls on her nude shoulders.

This item is only available to those who included the add-on to their anime box subscription.

1:9 Scale Anime Figure: Priestess of Thunder

High school DxD-inspired anime figure sent in upgraded anime boxes
1:9 Scale Anime Figure: Priestess of Thunder - The Otaku Box

It’s exciting to follow the polls and find out which anime girls will make it to the box each month!

This time, subscribers who updated their anime box subscription to receive a 1:9 scale figure got the perfect companion for their Rias Gremory Figures. Akeno Himejima is the waifu of the month, and she’s extra sexy, taking off the top of her kimono!


Waifu Card #44: Rachnera Arachnera

The Otaku Box's exclusive collectible waifu card series 3: Rachnera Arachnera
Collectible Waifu Card - The Otaku Box

The next waifu in my card collection is Rachnera! Her intimidating appearance will make anyone’s legs shaky, but is it out of fear?

The back of the card has interesting information about this gorgeous monster girl for anyone who doesn’t know much about her. Subscribers who opted to receive ecchi loot got a NSFW version of the waifu card!

VIP Item: Nezuko Pin

Extra Demon Slayer merchandise sent only to VIP subscribers
VIP Red Bean Child Pin - The Otaku Box

The VIP item is an extra anime merch I send to subscribers who have been around for at least four months. It’s a little gift I include in their monthly anime boxes.

This time, I came up with a pin of the adorable Nezuko! “Red Bean” and “Child” are the translations of the kanji that form her name.

Feeling Interested?

The items above are unique and aren’t returning in future boxes, but don’t be sad if you didn’t subscribe in time to receive them! September’s box has more fantastic items I curated carefully according to the anime merch, and waifus subscribers voted for that month.

Suppose you want to subscribe or upgrade your subscription but have questions or concerns. In that case, you can look for more information in the FAQ, talk to other subscribers in my Otaku Community, and read reviews on Trustpilot!

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