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Love Jibril? This is the anime you must watch to see her!

Cute, dangerous, and a gamer girl!

Jibril getting pushed away by Sora
No game No Life, Season 1, Episode 6 || Credits: No Game No Life Wiki

Jibril is, without a doubt, one of my favorite waifus!

She's pretty, intelligent, and powerful. Only some people can surpass this anime beauty!

If you are a subscriber, you may have received items that depicted this anime girl, but do you know what anime she belongs to?

f you want to learn more about her and see her in funny situations, the anime you must watch is...

No Game No Life!

Sora and his sister Shiro are the main characters in No Game No Life
No Game No Life, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: No Game No Life Wiki

Jibril is one of the supporting characters in No Game No Life, an isekai anime with lots of action and ecchi moments. 😂

This anime revolves around Sora and Shiro, two hikikomori siblings that, while extremely afraid of the external world, are unbeatable gamers.

One day, they got challenged by a god to a chess match and then invited to a world where every decision-making is through games.

In the fantastic world of Disboard, Shiro, and Sora finally, find a place to belong. They are determined to become gods and the ultimate rulers of that place. In their quest, the two make allies with other stunning anime girls from different races!

Once you get past the Sister Complex trope (if you're not used to it yet), you'll have so much fun watching this anime full of comedic moments and thrilling matches!

Jibril, Stephanie, Shiro and Sora
No Game No Life, Season 1, Episode 8 || Credits: No Game No Life Wiki

NGNL is one of the many hits that started as a Light Novel and got an anime adaptation due to its success. The series is written and illustrated by Yuu Kamiya—the first volume released was in April 2012.

The anime aired in 2014 and has 12 episodes adapting volumes one to three. Fans (me included) are still hoping for a second season.

What is Jibril’s role in No Game No Life?

Jibril excited about all the e-books she will have access to read
No Game No Life, Season 1, Episode 6 || Credits: No Game No Life Wiki

My dear Jibril is a Flügel, a race of angel-like beings among the sixteen different races that inhabit Disboard. She is among the strongest of her kind.

Like other Flügels, Jibril is brilliant, proud, and bloodthirsty despite her angelic appearance. However, she stands out for her cruelty and massive strength. Could it be due to her pink hair?

Even possessing so much power and being virtually invincible, this waifu of sensitive wings seems to have a submissive side too! She is excited to serve Sora and Shiro no matter how humiliating the task might be.

Your turn!

I can't tell you any more than that without giving spoilers. So to learn more about Jibril and all the other cute waifus from No Game No Life, you must watch or read it yourself. Seeing a beautiful waifu is fantastic, and it's even better when we know more about them!

Keep an eye out for more waifu posts on the blog. Also, join the Otaku Community to see more waifus and discuss them with other amazing otakus like you and me!

Source and Images from No Game No Life Wiki

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