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Free Demon Rias Scale Figure Only Comes With Anime Box Subscription

Loot Anime Is Over! The Otaku Box Is The Best Alternative for Your Next Mystery Box Subscription!

I’ll make sure you get anime merch every month!

The Otaku Box as an alternative for Loot Anime
Anime Merch Items from The Otaku Box

Konnichiwa, fellow otaku! I’m Liz!

As a huge anime and manga fan, I know how it feels to be crazy for anime merchandise, anime figures, and cool anime t-shirts! That’s why I created my anime box subscription service to help other people like me get their anime stuff more easily.

Some other subscription services were recently deactivated, the most recent being Loot Anime. This post is for anyone seeking a new anime mystery box to keep receiving their anime merch monthly. It’s also for anyone considering giving anime boxes another chance after a bad experience.

Let me show you why The Otaku Box is the best alternative ever!

What Happened?

Screenshot of LootCrate website after the end of Loot anime
Loot Anime Page Unavailable (

Loot Anime was the anime subscription box sub-branch created by Loot Crate. They even partnered with Crunchyroll in 2020, resulting in a monthly box for fans of the Gundam Franchise.

But after years of operation, both anime boxes were discontinued. Loot Anime chose the theme "Heroes" for its last anime boxes in December 2023. However, other subscription services by Loot Crate are still active.

Why Should You Choose The Otaku Box?

Anime Merch Items from The Otaku Box
March 2023 Anime Box - The Otaku Box

In the beginning, Loot Anime had good merch every month. Every box had five items of different anime following the month’s theme, such as horror, sports, idols, and so on.

However, the service has ended after recurring shipment delays and a decrease in the number of items per anime box. But otakus that are used to receiving their anime merch monthly deserve to keep having fun with mystery boxes, and that’s where I come in!

Here are a few points to consider if you’re looking for a new anime subscription service.

1. It’s Stuffed with Items

Every month, each anime box has at least six items I curate or design with love and care. I love getting useful and high-quality merchandise for my fellow otakus!

2. You Can Get Even More Anime Merch!

It’s possible to get even more anime stuff! For example, subscribers can customize their boxes to include a t-shirt when choosing their subscription plan.

3. A Pleasant Surprise Defined by Subscribers' Votes Every Month!

Instead of a set theme each month, subscribers are invited to vote for the anime and characters they’d like to see in the coming boxes. It’s their vote that decides the content of each box!

That also means all the gorgeous waifus in my anime goodies were chosen by subscribers.

4. You get levels!

Another way to have more anime merchandise in your boxes is simply sticking around. Exclusive items are sent only to those who have been subscribers for three months or longer!

5. Ecchi Anime Figures

Recent Waifu Anime Figures - The Otaku Box
Recent Waifu Anime Figures - The Otaku Box

This is another type of anime stuff you won’t find in every anime box. Subscribers can upgrade plans to receive 1:9 scale anime figures of waifus chosen through votes. And I design these figures to have more than just a sexy pose. Some of them even have removable tops!

6. Price

How much would a subscription box with all those items and exclusive designs be?

Prices start at just $29.95 (in February 2024)! Add-ons and upgrades are decided by subscribers whenever they want to adjust their preferences and needs.

Is The Otaku Box the Right Anime Mystery Box Subscription for You?

By now, you may want to give The Otaku Box a try. But if you’re still unsure, I invite you to read some reviews and talk to subscribers through my online forum, the Otaku Community! They are the best ones to list the pros and cons of their monthly subscription.

Also, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for in the FAQ section, I’ll be more than happy to help you through my social channels!

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