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All the Merch Items Sent In the November 2023 Anime Box (SFW)

These items are so cool that I can't wait to show them off!

All Anime goods sent in November as part of the anime subscription box
November 2023 - The Otaku Box

If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to get lots of exclusive anime merchandise, especially ones featuring beautiful waifus, an anime subscription box could be what you need!

But the best way to be sure anime boxes are really for you is to see them yourself, amiright?

Here’s a list of the items I sent to my subscribers in November 2023!

What’s in The Box?

Before we get to the anime merch, I want to remind everybody that not all boxes are identical.

That means each anime box may have more or fewer items or versions of the same, depending on the subscription plan chosen. Subscribers may replace a mini figure with a sexy scale anime figure, add a t-shirt, and even choose to receive the ecchi version of some items!

Mini Figure: Project Diva

Vocaloid mini figures sent at random to subscribers of The Otaku Box
Project Diva Mini Figure Set - The Otaku Box

Who said virtual idols don’t need rest? The Vocaloids Miku, Luka, Rin, and Len look so adorable in their sleep that I felt I should send them to my subscribers — the moment I saw this set!

Each anime box contained one mini-figure sent at random! I would like to know if my fellow otakus got their favorite Vocaloid.

Pochita Socks (Exclusive Item!)

Chainsaw Man (Pochita) socks sent in November anime boxes
Pochita Socks - The Otaku Box

I find it fun wearing crazy socks because they are like inner jokes. Nobody can see them, but they never fail to make me laugh.

And it just had to be Pochita, the sweet mascot (and the once fearful devil) from Chainsaw Man. This cute devil has the power to brighten anyone’s day with his silly puppy face!

Stress Ball (Exclusive Item!)

Stress Ball Inspired by Muzan from Demon Slayer sent in November 2023 Anime Box
Exclusive Muzan Stress Ball - The Otaku Box

When angry, I stomp on plushies to let some energy out and cool down. Just look at that stress ball inspired by Demon Slayer!

From now on, my subscribers and I can squash Muzan’s head whenever we feel stressed. I suspect it’ll be especially useful after the awkward family gatherings from the holidays.

The Otaku Box 2024 Calendar (Exclusive Item!)

Exclusive 2024 Waifu Calendar by The Otaku Box
Exclusive 2024 Waifu Calendar - The Otaku Box

My subscribers' wish is my command! By the end of each year, I like to send a calendar with beautiful waifus in their anime boxes. I already included it in November’s box so everyone can start the year right!

Now they have more time to appreciate their 2024 anime babes!

Wall Scroll: Chisato Hasegawa

Art for November's  anime box wall scroll
Art for the Waifu Wallscroll - The Otaku Box

The attractive nurse from Hijirigasaka Academy won November’s Wall Scroll Poll! That’s completely understandable! After all, anyone who entered an infirmary and met such a muse couldn’t think about anything else.

Subscribers who opted to receive the ecchi anime box got an NSFW version of this item.

T-Shirt: Holo

Spice and Wolf Anime T-shirt by The Otaku Box
Holo Graphic T-shirt - The Otaku Box

The winning design for the anime t-shirt featured the elite waifu, Holo, from Spice and Wolf! She’s so cool that you can find references in other anime.

Do you know any anime with references to her?

1:9 Scale Anime Figure: Maid Rias

Ecchi anime figure by The Otaku Box
1:9 scale Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

I added another Rias figure to my subscribers’ collection, which is nothing like the others! Rias looks stunning in the maid outfit, but this anime figure gets even sexier when the top is removed.

The removable top feature is present in some of my new anime figures. Only subscribers who upgraded their box subscription can see what Rias looks like topless!

Waifu Card #47: Yor Forger

Exclusive Collectible card sent in November's anime boxes
Collectible Waifu Card - The Otaku Box

Waifu cards are items I send in every box. Can you believe the collection is about to reach fifty waifus already? Time sure flies!

Card number 47 features Yor Forger, the Thorn Princess! The art is beautiful, and the back has some interesting information about her.

Subscribers who opted to receive the ecchi anime box got an NSFW version of this item.

VIP Item: Highschool of the Dead Coasters (Exclusive Items!)

Anime Merchandise inspired by High School of the Dead Characters
VIP HOTD Coasters - The Otaku Box

Last month, all subscribers received four coasters featuring HOTD Characters. And here’s a surprise for those who have been around for a while now: Saya and Kouta are here to complete the collection!

Feeling Interested?

How did you like this month’s anime merchandise?

I always choose or create items based on subscriber votes, from the smallest stickers to the hottest waifu figures! That’s why it's so important to vote every month!

I selected the items from this list for November’s anime box only. However, you can still enjoy future merch and waifus now that you know more about the anime subscription box.

You have everything you need to subscribe or manage your subscription options if you’re already part of the family.

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