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Five Unusual Waifus for Otakus Who Love All Kinds of Anime Girls!

There’s room for every type of Waifu here!

The most popular waifus often have similar physical and personality traits, such as long hair, slim waist, big oppais, and warm smiles. They are truly stunning and usually very passionate and generous, though some try to hide it.

But as everybody is unique, otakus have their preferences. Some fall for female characters that can be slightly or extremely different from the usual.

Here is a short, unusual waifu list of anime girls that don’t fit the typical expectations but are equally gorgeous and loved!

Tomo Aizawa - Tomo-chan is a Girl!

Tomo-chan is a tomboyish waifu
Tomo-chan Is a Girl! , Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: Tomo-chan Is a Girl! IMDb

Tomo Aizawa is a tomboy. These are girls whose attitudes and appearance aren’t so delicate or graceful. Instead, they are manlier and tougher than many boys their age.

Tomo is tall and muscular, speaks like a man, and can be violent — but that’s all part of her charm! She is also very innocent and kind, making her a sweet pie! She is the kind of waifu not everyone can handle, but the lucky ones won’t regret it.

Hayase Nagatoro - Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

Hayase Nagatoro is worse than a tsundere
Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, Season 1, Episode 7 || Credits: IMDb

Hayase Nagatoro is a somewhat controversial waifu. Some otakus love and find this waifu cute, while others can’t stand her!

The issue with Nagatoro is that even though she is athletic and popular, she constantly bullies her senpai. Though she only acts mean to hide her love, becoming possessive and protective over him as time passes.

This makes her another dangerous waifu.

Ghislaine Dedoldia - Mushoku Tensei

Ghislaine is a muscular, amazon-like waifu
Mushoku Tensei, Season 1, Episode 8 || Credits: Mushoku Tensei Wiki

Ghislaine is a true muscle mommy! She’s a powerful, intimidating beast woman with a buff, scarred body and animal features. But don’t think she’s just a brute.

She used to be a troublesome kid and ran away from home. After being scammed multiple times, she saw the importance of knowing how to read and count and sought knowledge. Plus, she is strong-willed and loyal — an absolute darling for wheyfu lovers.

Astolfo - Fate Series

Astolfo isn’t a female character, but a very popular waifu!
Fate/Apocrypha, Season 1, Episode 8 || Credits: Fate/Apocrypha IMDb

The title waifu is commonly associated with female anime characters, but anyone can be one as long as they are loved as such.

Astolfo is another rider that took the hearts of Fate Series fans! According to the legend, he was a handsome English prince — charming, optimistic, and adventurous — a true ladies’ man. However, he lacked common sense and was the weakest among Charlemagne’s twelve Paladins.

But the legend doesn’t mention how Astolfo loves cute things and dresses adorably.

As a servant, Astolfo’s gender remains a secret.

Super Pochaco - SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation / Nitroplus

Super Pochaco is a chubby waifu
Nitroplus, Super Pochaco Character Sheet || Credits: Super Sonico Wiki

SoniAni is an anime that often shows characters with fuller figures.

Super Pochaco is a friend of Super Sonico, and she is very different from the usual skinny build of most waifus. And those generous curves make her an adorable one, indeed!

Pochaco’s transition from shy and insecure to confident can be seen discreetly through the episodes. And considering the clothes and poses from her anime figures, she improved a lot.

Perfect Is What Delights You!

The anime characters in this list are only a few examples of unusual waifus that show not only slim and sweet or the femme fatale ladies have room in otakus hearts. And it’s ok to be and like what is different.

Do you have any waifus that others could consider odd? Don’t be afraid to show your love! Please share your opinion with me and my fellow otakus at the Otaku Community.

And if you are a subscriber, don’t forget to keep voting.

Images from IMDb, Mushoku Tensei Wiki

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