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All The Anime Merch Items Sent in July 2023 Box (SFW Only)!

Your anime box is packed with items that are impossible to resist!

All items sent in July's anime subscription box
July 2023 - The Otaku Box

Hello, fellow otaku!

How’s your search for cool and affordable anime merch going?

Did you know you can receive quality and useful items of your favorite characters and waifus with an anime subscription box?

Every month, my subscribers receive items I curate and prepare exclusively for them, and in July, the anime box was incredibly adorable.

What’s In the Box?

With TOB’s anime subscription box, you can choose the items you want (separate from the monthly waifu and art voting).

Subscribers can choose between mini or scale figures (SFW or NSFW versions) and include a T-shirt in their box! And like each otaku, not all anime boxes are the same. Each box has different amounts or items according to the subscription plan.

Here are the latest anime merchandise I prepared for July’s box.

Mini Figure: Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen set of mini figures sent at random in July 2023’s anime box
Jujutsu Kaisen Mini Figure Set - The Otaku Box

These dot eyes are adorable, aren’t they?

In June, subscribers randomly received one of these sweet chibi characters from Jujutsu Kaisen: Suguru Geto (High School and Sorcerer outfits), Satoru Gojo, Yuta Okkotsu, or Rika Orimoto.

I hope everyone got their favorite characters!

Chibi Albedo Notepad (Exclusive Item!)

Custom Albedo notepad sent in July 2023's anime box
Chibi Albedo Notepad - The Otaku Box

Who would make a better secretary that takes all your important notes, if not Albedo?

This muse from the Overlord series will always be around whenever subscribers need to write down information or scribble to relax.

Pochita Plush Keychain

Adorable Pochita keychain sent to subscribers of The Otaku Box
Pochita Plush Keychain - The Otaku Box

Pochita is one of the most popular pets in anime! I got this fluffy plush keychain for July's anime box, so my subscribers can hug and squish him without risking cuts from his sharp nose.

Looking at his big eyes and innocent face, I almost forget he’s the fearsome Chainsaw Devil.

Rias LED Lamp (Exclusive Item!)

Exclusive Rias LED Lamp designed for subscribers of The Otaku Box
Rias LED Lamp - The Otaku Box

I know how much my fellow otakus love Rias Gremory from High School DxD, so I prepared something exclusively for them.

This LED Lamp has different options to set the right mood for your gaming, party, or relaxing night. I worked hard on a design that would enhance Rias’s beauty as she deserves.

My most adored demon waifu can now make everybody’s night brighter!

Wall Scroll: Touka Kirishima

SFW art for the wall scroll sent in July's anime box
Art for the waifu Wall Scroll - The Otaku Box

Subscribers chose the art of this wall scroll through a vote, and it’s an excellent choice! Touka and her kagune look stunning in this art style. Plus, the destroyed background makes her look stronger and even more impressive!

Subscribers who opted to receive the NSFW box got an uncensored version of this wall scroll.

T-Shirt: Yor Thorn Princess (Exclusive Item!)

Anime graphic T-shirt chosen through a vote by subscribers of The Otaku Box
Thorn Princess Graphic T-shirt - The Otaku Box

Like many subscribers, I look forward to the next season of SPY x FAMILY and the movie. But in the meantime, we can feel closer to the Thorn Princess with this charming T-shirt.

The art was chosen through a subscriber vote. Yor is a gorgeous yet dangerous waifu, and the design captures her deadly elegance as an assassin.

I’m always happy to see everyone participating and giving their opinion.

1:9 Scale Anime Figure: Ms. Vitch - Bunny Suit (Exclusive Item!)

Irina Jelavich inspired  the waifu figure sent in upgraded anime boxes for July 202
1:9 scale Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

Otakus that upgrade their subscription box receive an exclusive 1:9 scale anime figure of a beautiful waifu chosen through a vote.

And the lady who joined the collection in July 2023 is the talented and seductive Ms. Vitch — in an attractive bunny suit! If you want to know more about her, check out this post.

Waifu Card #43: Nero Claudius

SFW version of the collectible waifu card sent in every monthly anime box
Collectible Waifu Card - The Otaku Box

Nero Claudius from Fate Series is the next anime girl in my collectible waifu card series!

She looks perfect for the current summer anime season with the Caster outfit, and the back of the card has helpful information about her.

Subscribers who chose to receive the NSFW anime box got an uncensored version of this card.

VIP Item: Zero-Two sticker pack

Pack of stickers sent only to VIP subscribers in July's anime box
VIP Zero-Two Sticker Set - The Otaku Box

The VIP item is a small gift I send to otakus, who have been subscribers for a few months. You’ll find more information about it on my main page, so feel free to check it out.

For July’s box, I sent a rich sticker pack of another loved waifu among subscribers: Zero-Two from Darling in the FRANXX. She looks beautiful in every pose, and I’m sure her fans will enjoy the gift!

Feeling Interested?

The list above shows all items sent in my anime subscription box for July 2023! How did you like them?

If you aren’t a subscriber yet or wish to modify your plan but are unsure, check some reviews and comments on the Otaku Community. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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