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Four Stunning Anime Girls That Otakus Fell in Love With from 2022!

Lycoris Recoil, Anime: Chisato striking a pose
Lycoris Recoil, Season 1, Episode 4 || Credits: Lycoris Recoil IMDb

They are impossible not to love!

The anime world is full of unforgettable characters, and waifus are a sideshow.

Some of these top-tier female characters live in otakus’ heads, hearts, and shelves for years and years, like Rias, from High School DxD, and Albedo, from Overlord.

Others will see their popularity take off during the season or year in which the anime they belong to is aired. That’s the circle of waifus, I guess.😂

While I’m still getting to know the characters of the newest animes, let’s remember the cuties that spiced up the year and my anime boxes!

Marin Kitagawa - My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling, anime: Mirin wearing a bikini
My Dress-Up Darling, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: My Dress-Up Darling IMDb

Beautiful, kind, cheerful, and otaku! I’m talking about Marin Kitagawa, but it could me! (just kidding 😂)

With a slim figure, long hair, expressive brown eyes, and a big smile, Marin Kitagawa is naturally beautiful, but it doesn’t stop her from being stylish as well!

Her hair is blonde with pinkish tips, she wears multiple ear piercings and is often wearing pink contact lenses. Let’s not forget about her well-kept long pink nails!

But looks are not the only thing she has to offer! Marin can act clumsy and messy, but she is wise, independent, and open-minded.

Yor Forger - SPY x FAMILY

SPY x FAMILY, anime: Yor, the Thorn Princess
SPY x FAMILY, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: SPY x FAMILY IMDb

Diligent as a clerk, caring as a mother, and flawless as an assassin. Yor Forger is the Thorn Princess, taking the concept of Femme Fatale to a whole new level!

Yor is very graceful, whether in or out of combat. She is a tall and slender woman about to reach her thirties. She has long, straight black hair and red eyes.

She may have problems interacting and connecting with people, but it doesn’t make her any less polite…Even in front of her victims!

Yor is a sweetie who cares a lot about her family, her brother, and Loid and Anya, and even worries about being good enough for them.

She can’t get anywhere near alcohol. Please, don’t let her get anywhere near alcohol!!!

Chisato Nishigiki - Lycoris Recoil

Lycoris Recoil, Anime: Chisato in front of the fish tank
Lycoris Recoil, Season 1, Episode 4 || Credits: Lycoris Recoil IMDb

I already talked about Lycoris Recoil in other posts. It is a fabulous anime to watch if you haven’t done it yet!

And Chisato is one of the big points in LycoReco. She is young and cheerful, works at a Café, and helps the community… such a sweet young lady!

Don’t forget she is a Lycoris, though! And The Number 1 among them! She’s the most agile and accurate of the agents and can even dodge bullets!

Even so, Chisato only uses non-lethal means to neutralize her opponents, and, probably due to her condition, she values life and its small things.

Makima - Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man, anime: Makima
Chainsaw Man, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: Chainsaw Man IMDb

Makima’s influence is so strong that, like Denji, many grown-ups around the Internet would go “Woof!” for her!

The Devil Hunter has red hair and outstanding golden eyes. Her well-fitted clothes emphasize her curves and give her a very strong and dominant aura.

Makima acts nice and friendly, usually smiling and relaxed, showing confidence. However, after years and years of anime, I already knew where that would lead!

The real Makima is mean! She’s manipulative and calculating. The kind that sees others as mere tools to get what she wants! And still, she is amazing!

Who should be included in this list?

Last year, anime fans were provided with a bunch of amazing anime girls that took our hearts, and the ladies above certainly won’t be easily forgotten!

However, I’m aware that this list is undoubtedly far from complete, and to me, it’s nearly impossible to determine who is the best waifu of 2022.

So feel free to participate in my Anime Waifu Thread and share your Top 10!

Images from IMDb

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