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Irina Jelavic is the waifu who can teach you things no one else will!

Close your book, and don’t take your eyes off her.

Irina Jelavich, from Assassination Classroom, offering tea cheerfully
Assassination Classroom, Season 1, Episode 10 || Credits: Assassination Classroom Wiki

Every wise otaku knows that knowledge is power!

And to learn from the best, the subscribers of The Otaku Box decided no one would be a better private tutor than Irina Jelavic — the English teacher of class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School!

So come with me if you’d like to know more about this seductive waifu who will arrive at your home to give you rather special lessons. I’ll tell you everything I know about her!

Meet Your Teacher

Irina Jelavich, from Assassination Classroom, holding a rose and smiling
Assassination Classroom, Season 2, Episode 10 || Credits: Assassination Classroom Wiki

Irina Jelavic (nicknamed Ms. B*tch-sensei by her students) works as an English teacher in the Assassination Classroom anime!

Irina is a tall, 20-year-old woman of Serbian origins with fair skin and a voluptuous body. She has long wavy blonde hair, a delicate face, and big light blue eyes that make her look like a princess! No wonder nobody can resist her charm! 😍

To emphasize her natural beauty and lure her targets, Irina often wears provocative clothes that draw attention to her big oppais and slim legs.

Her Previous Experiences

Irina Jelavich, from Assassination Classroom, with a torn dress
Assassination Classroom, Season 2, Episode 10 || Credits: Assassination Classroom Wiki

The reason my sexy waifu Irina is so different from the others is that she’s more than a regular teacher: she is a respected hitwoman hired by the government. I can't get enough of her!

She’s very confident and seems arrogant and cruel at first.

Her students even came up with the taunting nickname Ms. B*tch because of her demeanor and the pronunciation of her surname (Jelavich).

But considering her background, I can’t blame her for being mean on the outside.

In the past, she managed to kill the ones who murdered her parents. Then she wandered her hometown until being adopted and trained to become a seductive assassin, dashing any hopes of living a peaceful life.

But once Irina feels safe to open up, we find she is rather humble, a bit childish, and short-tempered.

What Professor B*tch Can Teach You

Irina Jelavich, from Assassination Classroom, in a seductive pose
Assassination Classroom, Season 1, Episode 18 || Credits: Assassination Classroom Wiki

Now for the part that Ms. B*tch fans are most excited about!

Here are a few things only this waifu can teach you once she gets to your home.

First, Ms. Jelavich is fluent in 10 different languages. Can you imagine your waifu whispering in your ear? And you can choose from 10 other languages!

Then there are her strategy and combat Skills. This waifu can develop detailed plans and handle guns and melee weapons. Add all that to her seduction skills; no enemies will stand a chance.

And finally, the Kiss of Death, which is more effective than the most passionate kiss you have ever experienced! Irina’s kiss is a powerful weapon that deals several hits per second on opponents.

Are You Ready for Your Private Lessons?

Home tutoring never sounded so fun, amiright? 😁

Irina is more than a sexy woman with guns. She is also quite a lovely lady and deserves all the votes she got! So congratulations to her and everyone who voted on this waifu!

When you least expect it, Ms. B*tch will arrive at your door with other astonishing anime loot. I hope you enjoy every moment you spend together!

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Images from Assassination Classroom Wiki

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