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What's an Anime Box? Getting Anime Merch Has Never Been so Easy!

Liz holding an anime box
Liz - The Otaku Box

If you’re here, I suspect you like to spend money on anime stuff, amiright? So do I!

There was a time when it was hard to find a good place to buy anime goods. So when I found good stores, I wanted to take everything home, and it always took a while to make up my mind!

But nowadays, there’s an easier way to get anime stuff, which I offer at The Otaku Box through anime boxes!

I often write about the anime merchandise I send to my subscribers. But this time, I will explain what an anime box is for those who have never heard of it!

But First, What Is A Subscription Box?

A Sample of TOB's anime box
Box Sample - The Otaku Box

Before telling you what an anime box is, maybe it’ll be easier to understand subscription boxes!

Hundreds of subscription services, such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, and other companies you regularly pay to access their content or products, serve different purposes.

Subscription boxes are one type of these services. Once a person subscribes and sets their preferences, a box filled with curated products is recurrently mailed to their home or other preferred location!

What Is an Anime Box?

All the products sent in February's Anime Box
February 2023 - The Otaku Box

An anime box is a subscription box for Otakus! Subscribers receive surprise anime merchandise of their favorite titles and manga every month. And what you get with the Otaku Box isn't random because you can vote on the anime you want.

Another big plus is that the reasonable price saves you time—no need to look for anime items in stores. Many subscribers feel that receiving a box of fun anime merch is like a birthday or Christmas gift every month!

Plus, there are different styles of anime boxes to fit different tastes. Some packages are for otakus who prefer to stick with specific items like manga or Japanese candy. Some are for those who'd rather have a little bit of everything.

The Otaku Box offers a bit of everything for all!

At The Otaku Box

Chibi Liz with an anime box
Chibi Liz - The Otaku Box

I’m very proud that my anime subscription box is unlike any others!

If there's one thing Otakus can't find anywhere else, it's ecchi and the opportunity to have a say in what anime and characters they'd like to see in their boxes! There's also an adult option for ecchi lovers available!

Instead of a theme for each box, I set a voting system where subscribers choose their favorite anime titles. Then the winners are featured in the following box.

This small list will give you a better idea of the fantastic items you can get!

Why Don’t You Give It a Try?

With anime boxes, otakus like me always have new stuff to enjoy; all they have to do is open their doors to get it.

I ensure every anime box has the best items, no matter the plan. If you are curious about them, check out my main page!

And if you think what I shared is too good to be true, I invite you to ask the opinion of my amazing Otaku Community! It’s an open forum for anime lovers, and members often share their experiences!

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