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Seven Fun Anime Songs That Were Popular Across The Web and Where They Are From

Try not to get these songs stuck in your head... again!

Folgore performing his unforgettable Oppai song
Zatch Bell!, Season 1, Episode 11 || Credits: Zatch Bell! IMDb

Often, the silliest and most unambitious videos and songs go viral.

They might start as a joke, and the next thing you know, millions of people are watching or listening to it multiple times — without knowing exactly why, where, or when it started.

In my case, when it comes to anime songs, they are sometimes so fun or cute that I’m not satisfied with only thirty seconds. I need to go after the full version. Good thing it’s not as hard as it used to be anymore!

If you ever got addicted to anime songs that were trending on social media or became memes and want to know where they come from, you’re in luck. I’m here to answer some of your questions!

Cream Song - Prima Doll (Remix by heiakim)

The cute song by Chiyo and the doll Haizakura to advertise their ice cream featured several cute videos! In the video above, you can check the full version of this sweet duet!

Renai Circulation - Monogatari Series (& Anya's Version - Spy x Family)

Nadeko Sengoku as seen in the Opening theme of Episodes nine and ten of Bakemonogatari
Bakemonogatari, Opening 4 || Credits: Bakemonogatari IMDb

Renai Circulation is the fourth opening theme of the anime Bakemonogatari. The song is already lovely, but the edit with Anya’s lines is an upgrade! 😍

Do you know who came up with this edit? If you happen to know, please comment on my socials or in the Otaku Community.

"Comedy" Lo-fi Remix - Spy x Family

When the Internet could only think of Spy x Family, this cozy Lo-Fi could be heard in the background of many videos! Kudos to l u n a i r e for this adorable version!

Il Vento D’oro (Giorno’s theme) - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Giorno Giovanna is the fifth JoJo
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Season 4, Episode 5 || Credits: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure IMDb

The Internet and the meme universe can only be complete with a nice dose of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The whole song is excellent, but to skip to the viral tune, you can check 3:46!

Tiny Little Adiantum - Touhou Project

Another super sweet song. I bet Touhou Project added many new fans to its community after this arrangement from Shibayan Records went viral!

One remix that frequently appeared on my “for you” page is from deadman 死人 and includes the iconic line from Hokuto no Ken: “Omae wa mou shindeiru.”

Ultra Instinct Theme - Dragon Ball Super

The theme that plays during the fight between Goku and Jiren is the one that has turned silly reels into intense ones for a while now!

Chichi wo Moge - Zatch Bell!

It's impossible to end the list without this hit from Parco Folgore!

This song was a meme over ten years ago, and we will never forget it! Now and then, someone brings this song back to the surface, and even the VTuber, Gawr Gura, sang it recently in a concert.

As for me, I’ll always be here to remember the oppais!

Which ones will be part of your playlist from now on?

These anime songs and remixes are so catchy that it took me a while to get them out of my mind. But there are many others I still like to listen to occasionally.

What are your favorite anime songs that you found by chance? Was it one of the songs above?

This list would be ridiculously long if I included everything I remembered. But let me know what other anime songs and trending sounds I should bring next! I always check your comments on Facebook, Instagram, and my Otaku Community!

Images from IMDb

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