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Five Anime Merch Ideas to Turn Your Home Into a True Otaku Paradise

A little bit of anime everywhere in your house.

All the anime merch sent in 2022's December box
December 2022 - The Otaku Box

Whether you live by yourself or share space with others, what differentiates a “house” (apartment, condo, etc.) from a “home” is how you feel inside and about it.

Part of what makes me truly feel at home is knowing I can see my personality reflected back at me when I look around, and decoration plays a big role!

No matter how expensive, big or small, a place sometimes feels cold or lifeless, and I know that something needs to be improved. I must add some anime items here and there to express myself!

If you feel the same but don't know where to start, I have suggestions to make your room or the entire place scream, “I LOVE ANIME”!


A Cute Nezuko Plushy. One of the anime merch items sent in 2022's May anime box
Chibi Nezuko plushy - The Otaku Box

Plushies are essential items that can give a cute touch to your room. They are soft and pretty and can make a room cozy. Plus, you can squeeze them whenever you feel like releasing some energy!

This Nezuko Plushy is one of those squeeze-away ones. It’s small enough to fit on a shelf, and what could be sweeter than a hand-sized Nezuko?

Sometimes when I am frustrated, I will stomp a few plushies just to release that anger. It does really help!

An Exclusive Waifu Coin Collection

Albedo is the Fifth waifu in The Otaku Box's anime coin collection
Exclusive Albedo (Overlord) Collectible Coin - The Otaku Box

These subtle anime items make an excellent addition for otakus who prefer to keep a fancy, clean decor!

These shiny coins are are a strong yet elegant option to display your waifus without making things too colorful. Simply place them in a frame, and you've got yourself some gorgeous artwork.

Plus, you can only find them here! So imagine how sophisticated and unique a living room or an office would look with these standing out! It's 100% boss vibes.

Anime Figures

Jibril anime figure sent as part of 2022's February box
1:12 scale Jibril (No Game No Life) figure - The Otaku Box

I couldn't skip them, could I?

What can be better than getting home to your waifus happily waiting for you? Although not the real ones, these miniatures are equally gorgeous!

Your favorite characters say a lot about your personality, whether the anime figure collection is big or small. So feel free to choose your top anime boys and girls to embellish your shelves.

Mini Figures are fun and charming! They also don't take up as much space, so don't forget you can easily display your favorite minis throughout your home, even in the kitchen!

You can upgrade your subscription plan anytime as a subscriber to receive exclusive scale figures instead!

Waifu Wall Scrolls

Illustration of 2B from Nier:Automata made by C.C.R. Sia in a wall scroll as part of 2022's February anime box
2B (Nier:Automata) Wall Scroll - The Otaku Box

Hanging art on walls is a classic way of decorating spaces, and these wall scrolls may look good in any room of your otaku home!

This 2B wall scroll is 40cm x 60cm (roughly 15.75" x 26.60"), neither too big nor too small. With the right frame to protect the fabric, I don't see why you can't have waifu art everywhere in the house!

Otaku Box subscribers get a new wall scroll EVERY MONTH regardless of their plan. They can opt for an ecchi version to contemplate their waifus'.....personality more. 😳

Anime Cushion Cover

Chibi Zero-Two cushion cover was sent as part of 2022's December anime box
Chibi Zero-Two (Darling in the Franxx) cushion cover - The Otaku Box

Anime cushion covers can be handy for those who can't decide what characters will best fit their mood or love so many characters that they can't pick just one.

Owning different anime cushion covers allow you to switch them occasionally to match various color schemes. It's a great way to always be in the company of your favorites!

And let's be Franxx😂, Zero-two looks so cute and comfy wrapped in a blanket as a huggable red burrito!

Make It Your Dreamland!

All the anime merch items sent in 2023's March anime box
March 2023 - The Otaku Box

I'm far from being an expert in interior design. But seeing things I like everywhere is one of the small things that help me feel at home and express who I am: a proud OTAKU!

Of course, you can include other anime merch items in your house decoration – even a collection of anime buttons, if displayed stylishly!

I'd love to see your otaku decor. So it would be awesome if you shared some photos on my Otaku community! Everybody is super friendly there, and I'm sure you'll feel at home too!

And if you want to receive anime goods like the ones above every month, check my main page!

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