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The Best Akeno Himejima's Sexy Moments That Fans Didn't Get To See On TV! — Weekly DxD

Not everyone has seen her boobs like that!

Chimera monster attacking Akeno's boobs
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 13 (OVA) || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Unlike her friends, Akeno Himejima usually doesn’t feel embarrassed in naughty situations. On the contrary, this ecchi waifu loves turning every moment sexy!

But even if you have watched all the episodes of High School DxD that aired so far, you may not have seen all the sexiness Akeno has to offer. And I’m not talking about games or censored scenes from the show.

Part of her sexiness is only available in the OVA episodes and short specials released on Blu-Ray, and I will show you those in this article.

Harvesting Akeno’s Boobs!

Akeno Himejima tied up by ecchi monster
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 13 (OVA) || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Episode 13 of High School DxD was released on Blu-Ray in 2012. In this episode, called I’m Harvesting Breasts, the Occult Research Club fights against an ecchi Chimera that likes to suck life energy off big-chested girls.

And who would have the best boobs to get energy from other than Akeno? The Chimera must have seen The Princess of Thunder and her enormous breasts as a devilish feast!

Akeno’s Special Job!

Akeno Himejima sexy scene
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 14 (OVA) || Credits:

Still speaking of Season 1, during the 2013 OVA I’m Searching for Breasts (episode 14), Issei and Asia ask Rias permission to watch the other club members do their jobs. Guess who has the sexiest job of them all? That’s right, Akeno Himejima!

The leather outfit and hypnotic boobs moving back and forth weren’t part of the request but were certainly appreciated.

Thank The Ancient Curse

Akeno Himejima sexy panty shot
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 14(OVA) Credits: High School DxD Wiki

By the end of the same episode, Akeno and the other girls from the Occult Research Club were trapped by an ancient magician when the group went to watch Rias work.

Thanks to the perverted foe, my devilish waifus could be seen in beautifully enticing poses!

Let Me Taste That Udon!

Sexy scene featuring Akeno tied up shibari style
High School DxD, Season 1, Special 5 || Credits: High School DxD

Sometimes less is more, but there are times when the more, the merrier! In the Fifth short special released in 2012, Sona and Tsubaki are making udon for the Occult Research Club members. They could have prepared a regular dish, but Sona wanted to enhance its taste with magic.

As a result, the noodle comes to life and goes ecchi. All the girls are tied up in thick pasta and teased, as expected, but take a good look at Akeno. The Udon took its time to tie her up in Shibari style!

Even Akeno’s bra is naughty!

Akeno and Rias sexy scene
High School DxD, Season 2, Ep 13 (OVA)

In High School DxD New (Season 2), an extra episode was released for Blu-Ray along with the limited edition of High School DxD DX.1, the first compilation book with extra short stories.

In the episode, I'm Enveloped In Breasts!, an underwear monster controls the girls’ bras, making them move independently. Akeno’s and Rias’s bras start rubbing against each other, and all Akeno can do about it is enjoy the sexy boobie encounter.

Is Akeno a Naughty Waifu?

Naked Apron Akeno Sexy scene
High School DxD, Season3, Special 1 || Credits:

The first short special from High School DxD BorN (season 3) shows Akeno and Rias competing for Issei’s attention. Akeno offers a lonely waifu role-play where her husband is on a business trip, and immediately changes into an apron (and nothing else!).

She says it must be kept a secret from her “husband,” but aren’t we all here watching her? Don’t worry, my horny waifu, I approve of your naughtiness.

There’s even more ecchi to watch!

These are just a couple of scenes involving Akeno and her insatiable sex drive. Can you imagine how sexy these OVA episodes and short specials can be, considering all the devilish girls showing off their boobs?

What is the best scene starring Akeno Himejima in the Whole High School DxD franchise? Let’s talk more about her kinky moments at The Otaku Community!

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