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Five "Zero Two" Scenes That Show Why Wild Waifus Are the Best!

Five reasons to love this unruly klaxo-waifu!

'Zero Two' Scenes To Show You Why Wild Waifus are the Best!
DARLING In The FRANXX, Season 1, Episode 04 || Credits:

From her striking appearance to her fierce rebellious spirit, those horns, and her unique red suit, Zero Two from Darling in the FRANXX is more than your typical heroine!

Her personality is an addictive blend of strength, vulnerability, and determination, which makes her journey through the series extremely captivating. She’s a wild anime girl, like only a few waifus can be.

This article is dedicated to Zero Two and all other wild waifus. You know, the ones that would drive anyone crazy, and we love them for being like that.

Zero Two feels comfortable with her body!

Naked Zero Two jumping out of the water
DARLING In The FRANXX, Season 1, Episode 01 || Credits:

Despite her sad childhood, during which she was treated as a monster for being part-klaxosaur and neglected, Zero Two is very confident about her body. Even knowing how dangerous she is to her partners doesn’t hurt her confidence. And besides, several episodes show she has no reason to be ashamed!

Zero Two has a beautiful, slim, and fit body. She’s agile, athletic, and gets even more impressive without her limiter headband. Also, her red horns are so charming!

Zero Two Knows Exactly What She Wants

Zero Two sexy pose in DARLING in the FRANXX
DARLING In The FRANXX, Season 1, Episode 01 || Credits:

Zero Two isn’t afraid of taking the first step… or the second, third, or others. She speaks her mind, defies the rules, and is so determined that her assertiveness sometimes turns into aggressiveness. Two-darling-in-the-franxx-002-gif-17316366

Zero Two Lets Us Have These Beautiful Views!

Zero Two pose while she pilots
DARLING In The FRANXX, Season 1, Episode 08 || Credits:

You know what I mean, right? As a Pistil, Zero Two gets to be in a suggestive pose inside the FRANXX. It's a good thing she continued piloting and found her Darling despite being labeled a “Partner Killer,” or we wouldn’t see this fantastic view.

Plus, this wild waifu frequently shows off her naked body. An extra reason to watch this great anime!

Zero Two Is Annoying, And I Love It!

Zero Two gets Hiro's towel with her foot
DARLING In The FRANXX, Season 1, Episode 08 || Credits:

Zero Two is energetic and playful. She demands lots of attention; to get it, she can even mock others with words or actions! It might be hard to keep up, but that’s her way of being more human and still avoiding “becoming an adult.”

And Most Importantly… She’s Adorable!

Zero Two is happy to be in the sea
DARLING In The FRANXX, Season 1, Episode 07 || Credits:

Just look at that pure smile! Even when she’s being mischievous or childish, she looks extremely cute. Of course, she can become precisely the opposite when irritated, but that’s part of being such a wild waifu.

Bonus: Zero Two Dance!!!

Zero Two Dance meme
Phút Hơn (Pháo), Music Clip || Credits:

The dance routine from the Song “ME! ME! ME!,” became Zero Two’s signature dance! The meme comes from the Vietnamese song Phút Hơn by Pháo.

FAQ About Zero Two

  • Zero Two's code, 002, reads “Oni” in Japanese, which means "demon." That reinforces her as a representation of the “Red Ogre” from the Japanese tale.
  • Zero Two files her horns regularly.
  • Zero Two has a highly enhanced sense of taste and a sweet tooth. She can even guess people’s personalities and recognize them through taste.
  • She frequently eats sweets like lollipops and candies and loves to add honey to her food.
Zero Two pouring honey on her food
DARLING In The FRANXX, Season 1, Episode 02 || Credits:
  • Zero Two is ambidextrous and apparently a good artist. She was seen drawing with both hands and could recreate the images from her picture book perfectly.
  • Zero Two is fascinated by rain.
  • Her theme song is "Vanquish" (also known as Strelizia Awakening).

Zero Two Anime Figure

The Otaku Box's exclusive Zero Two anime figure
1:12 Zero Two Anime Figure — The Otaku Box

Such a lovely and daring waifu had to be part of my anime figure collection. In 2022, I prepared a 1:12 scale anime figure for my subscribers. It was one of several other Zero Two merch her fans received (anime t-shirts, other collectibles, and more)!

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Long Live Wild Waifus!

Zero Two from "Darling in the Franxx" is a pink-haired waifu with an incredible aura. She’s energetic, straightforward, daring, and adorable, all of which make her a top-tier waifu.

What other waifus do you think are comparable to her?

Let’s share our favorite wild waifus at The Otaku Community and decide together who is the best female character!

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