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Solaris Japan vs. AmiAmi vs. Crunchyroll Store Vs. The Otaku Box: The Best Alternatives to Buy Your Anime Merch

The Otaku Box or Online Anime Stores: The best alternative to buy your anime merch online
November 2023 Anime Box — The Otaku Box

The Internet gave us, among other things, the possibility to find and purchase anime merch easily, even when there isn’t a physical anime store nearby!

In fact, there are so many online stores now that finding the best one can be a difficult task.

In this article, I will show four places to get anime merchandise that should work for most otakus!

The Best Alternative To Shopping for Anime Merchandise Online AmiAmi: General Anime Stuff

AmiAmi online anime store homepage
AmiAmi 2024

AmiAmi is a Japanese store with a great variety of anime figures, including pre-orders and pre-owned items.

Aside from anime figures, the store sells other kinds of anime goodies like plushies, toys, acrylic stands, and adult-oriented (hentai!) products.

The store ships worldwide, but unfortunately, prices can be somewhat expensive for some. Also, the quantity of the same product items is often limited to three.

Crunchyroll Store: Anime DVDs/Blu-Ray Discs and Manga Sets

Crunchyroll Store homepage
Crunchyroll Store 2024

Crunchyroll used to have its own anime subscription box service for a while, but now, it has an online anime store that sells figures, clothes, accessories, and more. They also have a great variety of Blu-Ray discs and manga.

However, the store isn’t available to otakus from all corners of the Earth. The Crunchyroll Store offers international shipping, but it has restrictions on products and countries. It’s always a good idea to check the availability of the store and the anime goodies in your area.

Solaris Japan: Anime Figures and Games

Solaris Japan online anime store homepage
Solaris Japan 2024

Solaris Japan is another Japanese store that offers international shipments! It mostly sells anime figures and games, but other anime goods, such as artbooks, Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs, and body pillow covers, are also part of the catalog.

It doesn’t offer a great variety of products, but it can be an interesting place to find retro games!

The Otaku Box: The Easiest Way To Get New Anime Merch

The Otaku Box homepage
The Otaku Box 2024

Unless you’re looking for specific items or brands, you can save time and money with an anime mystery box subscription!

At The Otaku Box, I am the one who curates and designs anime merch you can use in your daily life. And all you have to do is vote for your favorite anime and waifus!

Every month, subscribers receive one anime box with at least one mini figure, three exclusive items, and a collectible waifu card. Subscribers can also opt to replace items with ecchi (NSFW) versions and upgrade their anime boxes to receive exclusive waifu anime figures and t-shirts.

Where Is the Best Place to Get Anime Merch From?

What do you look for when you shop for anime stuff? The answer to that question will guide you to the best anime online store. If you value comfort and convenience (and sexiness), I’m here to help!

If you’re curious about what to expect from The Otaku Box, check out some of the items I’ve already sent to my subscribers! Don’t hesitate to contact me through my socials to ask all the questions you may have!

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