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Three Strong Anime Power Couples That Set New Dating Standards

A whole new level of Aishiteru!♥

Asuna and Kirito reunited inside the game ALfheim Online
Sword Art Online, Season 1, Episode 24 || Credits: Sword Art Online IMDb

One big lesson from anime that I carry with me is to respect and treasure those by my side, no matter how challenging the situation. It is so hard to find those you can truly count on, but that's what makes them so special!😍

A power couple is one in which the people involved are successful individually and form a great team. They are an unbeatable duo that supports and takes good care of each other; people around them can see and feel it.

In anime, we have several excellent examples. Here are some that sent my relationship goals to infinity and beyond!

Johann Faust VIII x Eliza Faust - Shaman King

Faust VIII and Eliza challenging Yoh Asakura
Shaman King (2021), Season 1, Episode 7 || Credits: Shaman King IMDb

Till death do us part? That’s for amateurs!

Faust’s love for Eliza was so strong that he dedicated his life to becoming a doctor and finding a cure for the fatal disease she developed in childhood — and he succeeded! The happy couple eventually got married and set up a clinic.

Unfortunately, fate wasn’t on this couple's side, and Eliza was brutally murdered in their mansion while Faust was away!

But Faust didn’t accept living without his beloved wife and became a necromancer, like his ancestor Johann Faust. His weak morbid appearance is due to his lack of sleep.

Obsessed with having his wife back, Faust carried Eliza’s skeleton around and used it as the medium through which Eliza manifests in battles.

Kazuto x Asuna - Sword Art Online

Kazuto and Asuna kissing
Sword Art Online, Season 1, Episode 10 || Credits: Sword Art Online IMDb

Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) and Asuna Yuuki form one of the most popular anime couples ever! They are both skilled, ready to protect each other at all costs, and so lovely together!

Kirito, who already plays SAO, rushed to become stronger and beat the game right after they announced the impossibility of logging off, determined to survive.

On the other hand, when Asuna learned she was trapped in the game, she needed some days to gather the courage to take action, which is understandable.

They don’t have much in common, but they have worked together since meeting and took their time to get to know each other better, exchanging important life lessons. Their bond continued to grow in the game and in real life!

Hiro x Zero-Two - Darling in the FranXX

Hiro and Zero-Two holding hands
Darling in the FranXX, Season 1, Episode 24 || Credits: Darling in the FranXX IMDb

Hiro and Zero-Two make a great example of a meant-to-be couple! Both had problems fitting in with other people, but together, they became invincible!

In a world where a child’s value is measured by their abilities as pilots, Hiro (Code 016) was considered a prodigy until the day he couldn’t synchronize with his partner anymore.

Zero-Two, part Klaxosaur, suffered prejudice because of her appearance, and her former partners died after synchronizing several times.

Together, Hiro and Zero-Two could finally unleash all their potential and protect humankind!

To The Moon and Back

Can you imagine yourself and your waifu being an anime power couple?

It does sound fantastic, but remember that power couples have conflicts too! After all, everybody has their flaws and bad days. The secret to a great relationship is taking time to learn each other's personalities and working to overcome conflicts.

And to help you with that, I've written posts about some of the most loved anime waifus — to tell you the secrets of your sweetheart!

If you are still looking for information about your 2D darling, stay tuned for more anime articles, and let me know through The Otaku Community whom I should write about next!

Images from IMDb

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