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Moka Akashiya: The Two Sides of This Perfect Vampire Waifu

Sweet and caring, or intimidating and gorgeous?

Moka Akashiya (Outer Version), from Rosario + Vampire,  blushing slightly
Rosario + Vampire, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: Rosario + Vampire IMDb

Uh-oh! Halloween is yet to come, but the monster waifus are on the loose again!

This time, you accidentally entered the monster realm instead of receiving attractive monster girls at home.

Luckily, your first encounter is with the adorable vampiress Moka Akashiya. This kind and delicate girl from Rosario + Vampire looks forward to making friends with you.

But first, allow me to tell you a couple of things about Moka, so you can impress her when you meet each other!

The Outer Moka

Outer Moka blushing and embarrassed
Rosario + Vampire, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: Rosario+Vampire IMDb

Moka Akashiya is a friendly young lady with a gracious slim figure, long pink hair, and big, expressive green eyes. When she opens her mouth, her little vampire fangs become visible, and they are so adorable!

Being ill-treated by humans in the past, you may need to give Moka time to get used to being around you.

But that aside, Moka is more interested in knowing you for who you are, so ensure you’re gentle to her and the people around you in the first place!

Oh, and she likes to drink blood like any other vampire. If yours is tasty enough, she might get addicted and give you a couple of bites on your neck. I hope that's not a huge sacrifice for you!

Outer Moka after falling on the floor
Rosario + Vampire, Season 1, Episode 8 || Credits: Rosario+Vampire IMDb

Moka is the kind that speaks softly and seems weak, but she won't back down if defending those in need, even without fighting skills! It's hard to believe such a delicate flower is often involved in school fights, but she is!

Despite being a vampire, sunlight and silver don't hurt her. Water, however, is her weakness.

Without proper herbs that nullify the purifying properties in the water, it can cause her great pain. So remember this if you ever want to invite this anime girl out! No dates at the beach or an onsen!

If you already feel Moka Akashiya is another perfect waifu, wait a minute! As with any other pink-haired waifu, there is a tiny surprise…

The Inner Moka

Inner Moka frowning
Rosario + Vampire, Season 2, Episode 2 || Credits: Rosario+Vampire IMDb

Moka's endearing personality is made up!

Not made up, as in she is a two-faced mean girl, but the Moka I just introduced you to is a creation of the cross she carries on her neck. The real Moka Akashiya is the opposite of that!

The Rosario Cross, or simply Rosario, given by Moka’s mother long ago, sealed her power and authentic self. Only a person who truly loves and cares about Moka can pull out the jewel and remove the seal, unleashing the intimidating side of this waifu.

Are you up to the task?

Her appearance changes slightly once the seal is removed. Her hair becomes silver, her eyes deep red, and her fangs grow. She also gains a few extra inches around the bust and hips, tightening her uniform.

Inner Moka giving an intimidating glare
Rosario+Vampire, Season 1, Episode 8 || Credits: Rosario+Vampire IMDb

The Inner Moka, a.k.a Ura Moka, is a tough, skilled fighter with an intimidating glare that is tomboyish and sometimes violent. She is also very proud and maybe a little arrogant too.

I could even say Inner Moka has nothing to do with her outer version, but that wouldn't be true. She might not be easy to approach, but still, she is a good and caring friend in her own way — even towards her outer self, whom she treats almost like a younger sister.

Why Not Both?

Moka has a strong and sweet side, like the Mochaccino drink that inspired her name, which mixes chocolate and coffee. This delicious combination is what makes me love this vampire waifu!

Now that you know more about her, are you ready to offer your neck when she arrives with the next anime box? It would be rude to leave her hungry!

Also, remember to always vote for your favorite anime waifu, and share who your favorite anime girls are, so they are featured in the blog!

Images from IMDb

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