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Free Demon Rias Scale Figure Only Comes With Anime Box Subscription

All Anime Merch Items Sent in April 2023 Box (SFW Only)!

So much incredible anime merch inside!

All the anime merch items sent in April's anime box to The Otaku Box subscribers
April 2023 - The Otaku Box

Konnichiwa, my dearest otaku!

If you didn’t subscribe to The Otaku Box in time to receive April’s anime box — or you are still unsure whether my anime subscription service is for you — you can check this post!

I’ll show you the amazing anime goods my subscribers received in April 2023!

What's in the Box?

Before we start, remember that not all anime boxes from The Otaku Box are the same!

Subscribers can choose between mini or scale figures, add T-shirts, and even pick the ecchi version of certain items! You can check the FAQ on the main page to understand how it works.

With that noted, let’s look at what April’s anime box included!

Genshin Impact Mini Figure

Lumine is one of the characters in the Genshin Impact mini-figure set sent in April's anime box
Mini-Figure: Lumine - The Otaku Box

I make a point of sending at least one anime figure in every box. And for those whose plan doesn’t include a scale figure, I randomly send one cute mini figure from a different set each month.

April 2023’s edition featured the characters Lumine, Paimon, Diluc, Venti, Amber, and Aether from the online game Genshin Impact.

Slime Umbrella (Exclusive Item!)

The Otaku Box's exclusive Rimuru-inspired umbrella, sent in April's anime box
Slime Umbrella - The Otaku Box

Rimuru has got my subscribers covered during the rainy season! I prepared this umbrella with our beloved slime printed on it to protect them from the rain or intense sunlight.

Waifu Shoelaces (Exclusive Item!)

The Otaku Box's exclusive waifu shoelace sent in April's anime box
Waifu Shoelace - The Otaku Box

From now on, my subscribers can have their waifus at their feet and forget about plain old shoelaces! Asuna, Albedo, Raphtalia, and Rias will follow them wherever they want!

Suncatcher Vinyl Sticker (Exclusive Item!)

The Otaku Box's exclusive suncatcher sticker was sent in April's anime box
Suncatcher Vinyl Sticker - The Otaku Box

Suncatcher Stickers are iridescent decor items that create a beautiful effect on the walls when sunlight passes through them, usually placed on glass windows or doors.

These stickers with the charming Japanese bridge and cherry flower art are one more product only The Otaku Box’s subscribers have!

Wall Scroll - Erza Scarlet Bunny

The censored (SFW) version of the waifu wall scroll sent in April's anime box
Art for the Waifu Wallscroll - The Otaku Box

Subscribers received this beautiful art of Fairy Tail’s Erza Scarlet in a daring bunny suit to hang on their wall and give the Cassino vibe to any room!

Those who opted to receive ecchi loot got the uncensored version of the wall scroll!

T-Shirt: Demon Zero-Two (Exclusive Item!)

Anime T-Shirt chosen by The Otaku Box subscribers through a vote
Demon Zero-Two - The Otaku Box

Subscribers get to vote on the best designs, and in April’s anime box, this stunning Zero-Two art won!

T-shirt sizes go from Small to 6XL, so there’s nothing to worry about!

1:9 Scale Figure: Red Silk (Exclusive Item!)

Basilisk's Akeginu was chosen by The Otaku Box's subscribers to be turned into an exclusive anime scale figure
1:9 scale Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

Otakus that upgrade their anime box subscription plan get an exclusive 1:9 scale figure instead of a mini figure. Characters are also chosen through a vote, and the month’s winner was the beautiful kunoichi, Akeginu from Basilisk.

Waifu Card #40: Emilia (Re:Zero)

The Otaku Box's exclusive Waifu Card sent in April's anime box
Collectible Waifu Card - The Otaku Box

Another Exclusive Collectible from The Otaku Box! How will your collection be complete if you miss a box?

April’s Waifu, Emilia, looks adorable in this card. Subscribers who opted to receive ecchi loot got the uncensored version of this Collectible Waifu Card!

VIP Item: Chainsaw Man Pendant

Small Chainsaw Man pendant sent only to legendary subscribers
VIP Pendant - The Otaku Box

Last but not least, a little gift for my most special subscribers! Yay!

Legendary subscribers get an extra item in each box, and in April, it was Pochita with his big puppy eyes! You reach the Legendary level after being a subscriber for a year.

Feeling Interested?

You may still be able to get your hands on these! Although the items change every month, you can always check the Otaku Community to see if someone is willing to trade items. This way, you can still complete your collection AND make new friends!

Now that you know what’s in April’s Box, hurry up and subscribe before you miss any other fantastic anime goods! And if you have any questions or concerns, you can always count on me to help!

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