Let's talk about anime figures and why collecting them is so cool!

Surround yourself with waifu statuettes!

The Otaku Box's Exclusive Rias Anime Figure - October 2022
TOB's Exclusive Rias Anime Figure - October 2022

Wouldn't seeing our favorite anime characters in real life be amazing?

Cosplayers do an excellent job turning into real-life replicas of anime boys and girls. But at the end of the day, I, unfortunately, can't take them home to act as my waifus or husbandos 24/7! 😝

That's why I'm so in love with anime figures! Even on a smaller scale, I still have a 3D version of my dearest anime characters around me all the time!

But what are Anime Figures?

The Otaku Box's Exclusive Zero-Two Anime Figure
TOB's Exclusive Zero-Two Anime Figure - August 2022

Anime figures are small decorative dolls or figurines depicting anime characters.

They can be made from different materials, such as PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), resin, or acrylic, and have varying features.

For example, some figures are articulate, allowing us to change their pose. Others have partially removable clothes (the castoffs). Perfect for Ecchi lovers!

One issue I often had before moving to Japan was finding good anime figures in stores near me and on websites!

That's why I include at least one mini-figure in every anime box from the subscription service!

These mini-figures can also be called trading figures – usually the chibi-sized ones gotten through capsule machines or sold randomly in sealed boxes. So you don't know who you're taking home until you open it! Does that sound familiar? 😁

Prize Figure x Scale Figure

The Otaku Box's Exclusive Vanessa Anime Figure - July 2022
TOB's Exclusive Vanessa Anime Figure - July 2022

Some names may refer only to anime figures from one specific company or collection. But many will fall under the scale figure category, often needing clarification with prize figures and vice versa because they are very similar.

Both are PVC figurines, often in a dynamic pose. The difference between them is related to size, level of detail, and quality.

You can get prize figures mainly through claw crane machines at a relatively low price. So they could be more detailed; if you look closely, it's easy to spot flaws. Also, the size of the character doesn't matter with these figures. Whether a character is tall or petite, their figures may be about the same size.

On the other hand, the main characteristic of a scale figure is exactly its size compared to the character's height.

The Otaku Box's Exclusive Kurumi Tokisaki Anime Figure - November 2022
TOB's Exclusive Kurumi Tokisaki Anime Figure - November 2022

Do you know when I say that my new anime scale figures are 1:9; it means if you check your waifu's height and divide the number by nine, you get the approximate size of your figure!

The same happens with other scale figures. They may be smaller or bigger, but the proportions follow the ones of the character! You can even find 1:1 scale figures in some exhibitions, meaning real-life size!

As you can imagine, scale figures are more expensive. That's because they are more detailed and, thus, harder to make. Some are so extravagant they cost over a thousand dollars!

I love them all!!!

Regardless of their name, size, or price, once I put my hands on the first anime figure, there was no way back!

Fortunately, times have changed, and finding anime figures for all budgets and tastes is now easier.

My waifu collection is constantly growing, and I love looking at them standing and smiling at me on my shelves. Have you ever felt like that? If you still need to, watch my socials to make sure you get all the special offers and start your collection!

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