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All The Anime Merch Sent in September’s Anime Box (2023 SFW Edition)!

The cutest anime girls gathered in a single anime box!

All Items sent by The Otaku Box in September boxes
September 2023 Anime Merchandise - The Otaku Box

If you are looking for anime figures and merch or wish you could do that but don’t have time, I recommend getting an anime subscription box!

It’s a monthly mystery box with various cool anime merch shipped to your address. My subscribers never have to worry about looking for the best products.

Just imagine yourself receiving the same excellent items as the ones below, sent to The Otaku Box’s subscribers in September.

What’s In The Box?

Before we go through all the fantastic items I curated and designed for my subscribers, it’s important to remember that not all boxes have the same merch. I prepare each anime box with love and care according to each subscription plan and add extra items for subscribers who have reached certain membership levels.

So, each anime box may have more or fewer items or different versions (censored or uncensored) of the same product!

With that in mind, let’s head to the best part: The items from September’s anime box.

Mini Figure: Re-Zero Girls

Standing Rem is one of the mini figures sent randomly to subscribers in September
Mini Figure: Re:Zero Standing Rem - The Otaku Box

In September, I randomly included one of the adorable girls from Re:Zero for subscribers who opted to receive mini-figures.

This set has Emilia, Ram, and Rem in sitting and standing poses. So, my subscribers had two chances to receive their favorite character!

Rias Gremory Acrylic Cup (Exclusive Item!)

Acrylic Cup sent as part of the anime Merchandise in September's anime boxes
Rias Gremory Acrylic Cup - The Otaku Box

My subscribers always ask for more Rias Gremory goods, and I’m pleased to listen to them!

This time, I prepared an acrylic cup with an art of Rias, giving a seductive look. This cup can be taken anywhere, and the more my fellow otakus stay hydrated, the more they can look at our queen!

Akame Ga Kill Ring Necklace

Necklace with ring pendant inspired by the Anime Akame Ga Kill
Akame Ga Kill Ring Necklace - The Otaku Box

Akame Ga Kill was an incredible anime!

With this fabulous necklace, the Otaku Box’s subscribers and I will forever remember the show. We can be stylish and pay homage simultaneously to such a fantastic work with this accessory.

Gaming Liz Puzzle (Exclusive Item!)

Art of the exclusive Puzzle by The Otaku Box sent in September 2023
Gaming Liz Puzzle Set - The Otaku Box

That’s right! It’s me. I love gaming in my free time and have always wished to play with all my subscribers.

I got closer to making that dream come true in September's anime box. Puzzle sets are perfect for rainy afternoons and avoiding screens to enjoy the world.

Wall Scroll: Xenova

Censored Art for Wall Scroll sent in September 2023 Anime box
Art for Waifu Wall Scroll - The Otaku Box

One more waifu from the anime High School DxD made it to September’s box!

The Artwork voted for last month’s wall scroll showed Xenovia Quarta wearing a leather that outlined her perfect curves. What an excellent choice!

Subscribers who opted to get ecchi items received an NSFW version of this wall scroll.

T-Shirt: Power

T-shirt sent in September 2023 anime boxes
Power - The Otaku Box

After Makima, subscribers decided it was Power’s turn to star in the art of a t-shirt. They voted for their favorite stinky devil from Chainsaw Man, and here she is!

I love how the art captures her daring and wild personality.

I wonder if washing this t-shirt counts as teasing Power… What would you say?

1:9 Scale Anime Figure: The Clone

Exclusive scale anime figure by The Otaku Box
1:9 Scale Anime Figure: Priestess of Thunder - The Otaku Box

This sexy clone was made with enhanced oppais to please her master, and subscribers voted for her to serve them as an anime figure at home!

I wanted a pose that could do Mira Suou justice as she is a gorgeous female character with an attractive, emotionless personality.

From now on, subscribers who opt to receive a scale anime figure instead of a mini-figure will count this personal attendant among their collection!

Waifu Card #45: Vanessa Enoteca

Front view of Waifu Card #45 by The Otaku Box
Collectible Waifu Card - The Otaku Box

The next card in The Otaku Box’s exclusive collection features Vanessa Enoteca from Black Clover! The art looks adorable and emphasizes Vanessa’s curves.

As usual, information about this waifu can be found on the back of the card, and subscribers who opted to receive ecchi items got the uncensored version.

VIP Item: Levy McGarden Button!

VIP Button Levy McGarden - The Otaku Box
VIP Button Levy McGarden - The Otaku Box

Some subscribers miss the buttons I used to send in old boxes. So, I decided to pamper the VIP subscribers!

They received a large button featuring the graceful art of Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail. The tones and soft art style give a cottagecore vibe to it.

Feeling Interested?

Where else would you find an anime subscription box with this many waifus from different shows? That’s only possible thanks to all The Otaku Box’s subscribers who vote every month on the anime, characters, and art!

Unfortunately, the items I listed here were limited to last month’s boxes. But there’s still time to give October’s one a chance.

More anime merch sent with previous boxes is in the related posts below. Or talk to other otakus in my Otaku Community to see their honest opinion about what they have been getting before you subscribe!

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