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Cana: Everything You Want to Know About This Waifu From Fairy Tail!

Cana Alberona in the Miss Fairy Tail contest
Fairy Tail, Episode 42 || Credits:

If you’ve read or watched Fairy Tail, then you remember how beautiful and fun Cana Alberona is! But if you fell in love with this waifu without knowing much about her or the anime, you came to the right place.

I will tell you everything you need to know about this gorgeous female character.

Cana’s Beauty

Cana Alberona Posing while wearing bikini
Fairy Tail, Episode 163 || Credits:

Cana Alberona is an 18-year-old lady with a tall build, slim waist, and big oppais. She has wavy brown hair that reaches her waist and purplish eyes.

She likes to wear clothes that flatter her upper body and show lots of skin, usually bikini tops and cargo pants. As such, her Fairy Tail stamp is often in plain sight, located on the lower left side of her stomach.

Joining Fairy Tail

Cana Alberona lost her mother at six and set off after dad, Gildarts Clive, an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. However, when little Cana learned how strong her father was, she felt intimidated and couldn’t bring herself to tell him she was his daughter.

She then joins the guild in hopes that one day, she will build up the courage to tell the truth. But as time passed, it became more difficult for her to speak up. So she decides only to tell Gildarts about their connection when she becomes an S-Class Mage.

But despite Cana’s potential, she failed the exam multiple times and started to despair, even considering leaving the guild.

Luckily for us fans, Cana is still a member of the Fairy Tail guild, though she hasn’t gotten promoted yet. After not passing the exam for the fifth time, she opened up to her father, and they grew closer instantly!

Likes and Dislikes

Cana in underwear
Fairy Tail OVA: The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land || Credits: Fairy Tail Wiki

This is an easy one. Cana loves alcoholic beverages and dislikes non-alcoholic ones.

Isn’t she easy to please?

She even states that the best thing about Fairy Tail is its high-quality drinks. And she drinks almost one-third of the guild’s liquor by herself! She easily makes the list of hard-drinking waifus and even dreams of being a mistress in a bar.

More Than a Drinking Buddy!

Cana Alberona is such a strong and lively character. She is friendly and seems full of energy. Could it be the alcohol making her high?

At the same time, she is serious and focused on her goals, to the point of acting selfishly sometimes. But overall, Cana is a loyal friend who is smart and a natural leader. The kind of person anybody would be glad to have around.

Cana and the Magic Cards!

Cana Alberona using Magic Cards
Fairy Tail, Episode 72 || Credits:

Cana is an expert at using Magic Cards with various effects, including elemental, communication, and fortune-telling magic, which she learned as a child after joining the guild.

What Else Is There To Know About Cana Alberona?

This captivating and hot female anime character will soon enter The Otaku Box’s waifu collection, thanks to everyone who voted for her.

Also, subscribers who upgraded their plans to receive scale figures are getting a pleasant surprise in October’s anime box!

Now that you know everything...

Would you invite her for a drink?

Fairy Tail is an anime full of unique characters, and I’m happy to know that Cana has joined my waifu team. Erza isn’t alone anymore!

For more information about your favorite waifu, check the related posts below. Join my Otaku Community to see all the beautiful anime girl fan art my fellow Otakus are sharing.

Images from, Fairy Tail Wiki

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