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Top 4 Rias Gremory's Smallest Outfits In High School DxD New — Weekly Dose of DxD

Rias’s charm is everywhere; her clothes, however, are nowhere to be seen!

Rias Gremory’s most petite outfits from High School DxD
High School DxD New, Outro 2: Lovely ♥ Devil || Credits:

It’s time to remember some jaw-dropping moments of our infernal princess! After all, I just brought sexy Rias Gremory scenes back to your memory.

This time, let’s remember some sexy (and tiny!) outfits worn by Rias in High School DxD New, the show's second season. Pay close attention to every detail and tell me if you agree with this ranking and which one’s your favorite.

#4 Bikini

Rias Gremory posing in a white bikini
High School DxD, Season 2, Episode 7 || Credits:

For cleaning up the school pool, the members of the Occult Research Club could enjoy a sunny day together in the water. After moments of hard work, everybody changed into their swimsuits, and Rias Gremory picked a charming white bikini.

#3 Bath Towel

High School DxD, Season 2, Episode 2 || Credits:

To warn Rias about the upcoming threat, Tsubaki Shinra and Sona Sitri invited Rias and Akeno to the latter’s house to talk privately. One by one, the young ladies entered Sona’s fancy steam room and dropped their towels before sitting comfortably to discuss the subject.

#2 Naked Apron

Rias Gremory in the kitchen wearing only an apron
High School DxD, Season 2, Episode 4 || Credits:

After witnessing Asia welcoming Issei home wearing only a tiny apron, Rias Gremory changed clothes so she wasn’t disadvantaged! The only fabric between her and the dinner is that pink apron that barely covers Rias’s boobs and hips.

#1 Devil Bodysuit

Rias Gremory in a bodysuit as seen during the ending theme, 'Lovely ♥ Devil'
High School DxD New, Outro 2: Lovely ♥ Devil || Credits:

The Outro from episodes 7 to 13 showed the main female characters in minimal but adorable animal costumes. Rias was the only one with a different outfit: a revealing devil bodysuit.

At some point, the girls played twister, granting viewers the most ecchi Rias Gremory pics ever!

Her strong pose reminds me of some Rias Gremory figures released by The Otaku Box.

BONUS: “Birthday Suit”

Nude Rias in Issei's imagination
High School DxD, Season 2, Episode 11 || Credits:

The audience often watches Rias’s oppais bouncing free or rubbing against someone else’s skin. But I bet the view otakus appreciate most from the High School DxD series is Rias Gremory completely naked!

When teased by Azazel, Issei envisions his beloved president undressed in adorable poses. He can even hear Rias’s moans in the background!

More Sexy Rias Gremory Moments Are Coming Soon

How did you like my new Rias appreciation post?

Rias is such a seductive female anime character, and you know what’s better than seeing her sexy pictures? Experiencing her in real life!

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