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Dekai Anime Shut Down: The Best Alternative to Buy New Anime Figures!

Not all is lost!

The Best Alternative to get new anime figures
Uzaki-chan wants to Hang Out!, Season 1, Episode 4 || Credits:

Seeing Dekai Anime shut down earlier in February this year was a shock.

Regular customers were understandably sad to learn that such a big anime store in UK had suddenly closed down. But there’s some good news for those looking for alternative anime stores.

I’ll show you where you can get affordable and outstanding anime figures!

What Happened to Dekai Anime?

Dekai Anime was an online anime store in the UK that was highly praised for its products. Many resorted to them whenever they wanted to purchase new anime figures and considered the store the best in their area for affordable prices and fast shipment.

The problem is that since February 9th, Dekai Anime has closed down, and they are no longer taking or dispatching orders. When you try to access the website, all you can see is the message below:

“We are sorry to inform you that the business has ceased to trade with immediate effect.

The directors are taking steps to place the company into liquidation. All customers with outstanding orders will be contacted by the duly appointed liquidators in due course.

In the meantime, we would encourage any customers with outstanding orders paid via credit/debit card to follow their card issuers chargeback process. Customers who paid via PayPal who paid within the last 180 days should raise a dispute against the non-received item(s) on their order. Customers who paid via PayPal over 180 days ago should follow their card issuer chargeback process.

Further updates will be provided following the formal appointment of the liquidators.”

(Message displayed at

The online anime stores Anime Emporium and Gamersheek promptly assisted those waiting for their anime figures, and other users are figuring out how to get their money back.

What otakus can do now is find a good alternative to Dekai Anime. That’s why I’m here!

Where to Get Affordable Anime Figures from Now On

Sexy Waifu anime figures created by The Otaku Box
Waifu Anime Figures by The Otaku Box — The Otaku Box

There are other online anime stores, maybe not with the same affordable price, but they’ll get the job done.

But instead of searching for new anime figures or stores, you can always have me design and send new sexy waifu figures and other anime stuff every month—while you comfortably wait for them to reach your door.

At The Otaku Box, rest assured you’re subscribing to an anime mystery box that contains only happy surprises! That’s because subscribers vote for the anime and waifus they like best. All the anime merch, artwork, and figures I send monthly are chosen or made following otakus’ opinions!

What is an Anime Subscription Box?

Anime goodies sent to The Otaku Box's subscribers
Anime Merch Sent By The Otaku Box — The Otaku Box

An anime subscription box is a service in which you receive a box filled with anime goods recurrently for as long as you wish! At The Otaku Box, subscribers receive one box every month, and what is even more fun about it is that you never know what you’re getting until you receive your package. The content is a complete mystery!

To make sure each box is unique, I curate and design new anime merch every month, including custom waifu anime figures and t-shirts. And all that is based on subscribers' votes, as mentioned in this post.

Take Your Time to Learn More About the Otaku Box

Letting go of a good anime store you trusted is hard, but on the bright side, this is an opportunity to find new anime figures made especially for you!

If you are curious about The Otaku Box but don’t feel quite sure yet, feel free to read some reviews from my amazing subscribers and join us at The Otaku Community. There, you can ask all your questions, read other otakus' experiences with their anime boxes, and have so much fun talking about the anime you love!

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