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Free Demon Rias Scale Figure Only Comes With Anime Box Subscription

How Can I Cancel My The Otaku Box - Waifu Subscription?

...And other important information about your anime subscription box!

Anime merchandise from The Otaku Box
Anime Merch Items from The Otaku Box

Konnichiwa, fellow otaku!

Life can change when we least expect it and sometimes we need to make difficult but necessary decisions. And I'm here to help you through it!

In this post, I'll share valuable information regarding your subscription so you’re well-informed. And hopefully, you can quickly solve whatever issues you may have without canceling your membership.

Why The Otaku Box Is So Awesome

Liz Winking (Valentine Liz, by C.R.R. Sia)
Liz - The Otaku Box

It Makes You Happy!

Even when we are busy with the issues of adulthood, it's necessary and healthy to spare some time to pamper yourself!

And what is more exciting than receiving a box stuffed with useful products designed after your favorite anime characters just for you? Most merchandise sent in anime boxes is exclusive to my subscribers and limited!

Plus, you can upgrade or downgrade all The Otaku Box subscriptions whenever you want to fit your taste and needs best: choose between mini-figures or 1:9 scale figures, censored or uncensored items, and whether to include an additional cool graphic tee every month!

Affordable and Surprising!

Chibi Liz artwork, maneki-neko style
Good Luck Liz - The Otaku Box

Whereas some other subscription services only send three to four anime items, with The Otaku Box, you receive over SIX products of what you REALLY like! That includes sexy waifu art, collectibles, and other high-quality items you can use daily to express your otaku personality.

Looking for such fantastic anime merchandise would take up too much of your free time, and buying them separately is way more expensive.

With your anime box subscription, all you have to do is vote for your favorite characters and wait for your next monthly box while I handle all the hard work!

Besides saving money and your precious weekends, receiving a surprise gift to brighten your day is way more fun. Thousands of subscribers mention how much they appreciate the monthly treat they give themselves in their reviews on Trustpilot.

Unique Anime Boxes for Adults!

When I say I’m willing to do whatever I can to help my fellow otakus, I mean it!

The Otaku Box is the only anime box with an ecchi option. For the same price and quality, ecchi lovers can choose the uncensored version of the box. And with that, some products will be replaced with spicy equivalents featuring the chosen female characters!

Level Up with The Otaku Box!

Chibi Liz Hero Level
Chibi Hero Liz — The Otaku Box

The longer you stay subscribed, the more you level up! Each level grants you exclusive free perks, such as bonus items, an exclusive mini-figure, pins, and access to a VIP area in the Otaku Community.

However, subscribers immediately lose their titles and related perks upon cancellation, even if they resubscribe. It'd be such a shame to miss all that.

Can I Help You In Any Way?

At The Otaku Box, you don’t have to worry about penalties or cancellation fees: you can cancel your subscription whenever. But is that really necessary?

If there's something about your subscription anime boxes that made you upset, you and I could work together to find a solution to your problem. That way, you don't have to say bye to your anime merch and waifus!

For instance, if your anime box is missing an item or if it was damaged during shipping, I will gladly send you a replacement!

My help center has all the information you might be looking for, and if you prefer to reach me directly, email me your questions. It'll be my pleasure to answer them!

How To Cancel Your Otaku Box Subscription

How to cancel The Otaku Box subscription - Step 4
How To Cancel The Otaku Box Subscription: Screen Four - The Otaku Box

If canceling your anime subscription box is what you need now, follow this link: — and insert your email to begin the cancellation process.

Make sure to use the same e-mail address you subscribed with, and click "OK" or press Enter to proceed to the next steps.

Answer each question carefully until you see the confirmation screen below.

How to cancel The Otaku Box subscription - Confirmation Screen
How To Cancel The Otaku Box Subscription: Closing Screen - The Otaku Box

As much as it breaks my heart to know you’re leaving, I'll process your request quickly and keep you informed.

Note that billing occurs automatically on the 1st of each month. I advise you to request cancellation at least three days before that to avoid being charged for a new order.

Any Other Questions?

It’s always easier to make decisions after we have enough information.

Now that I have clarified essential aspects of your anime boxes, you are ready to decide if you truly want to cancel your Otaku Box subscription? Or stay and enjoy all the exclusive anime items you can only get here! I'll always be here with another fantastic anime box just for you.

Also, remember that My Otaku Community will always be open to all my fellow otakus, subscribers or not.

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